“Unite exceeded my expectations for a fitness camp. I have encouraged family and friends to check it out. Utah is awesome! The staff is amazing, attentive, and caring. I can’t wait to come back next year.” – Melissa, Las Vegas

We’ve welcome hundreds of guests from Las Vegas, it’s just a quick one hour flight or 5 hour drive to our weight loss resort:

Move your body with motivational instruction, designed for you.  Feel renewed, shed body fat, gain strength & agile flexibility.   More»
Weight Loss Camp
Savor our chefs balanced meals with nutrient dense ingredients. See your energy soar, palate shift, cravings settle and waist line shrink. More»
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Embark on an inward journey to discover your limitless potential. Experience the healing power of nature and mindfulness. More»
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Discover YOUR path to lasting wellness and the fast track to reaching your goals.

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Weight Loss Camp
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Our Fitness & Weight Loss Resort is Unlike Any Other in Las Vegas
We meet you where you are and create a plan that will allow for accelerated fat loss, muscle gain, improved fitness and enhanced well being. While you are creating new healthy habits your mood and energy levels begin to shift, you might notice a little pep in your step. You will discover clarity and an awareness like never before. Perhaps it’s time you put your health first, we can help.
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Mind and Body Approach

At Unite, we do more than just exercise, we understand you must change your mindset for new habits to stick. It all starts with becoming more mindful and being aware of our body & mind connection. More»

Never More than 30 Guests

We are a boutique size retreat so you get the care and attention you deserve to reach your goals. You are unique and so is your wellness journey. You’ll never be lost in the shuffle at Unite. More»
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Hands-On Educational Classes

Hands-on education is way more effective (and fun) than sitting in a lecture hall for hours. We provide daily ‘lunch and learns’ with wellness experts, cooking classes, and even lunch out on the town to show you how to make this new life-style work in the “real world.” More»

100% All-Inclusive Program

Unite is one of the only programs in the world that is truly all-inclusive. Did you know most fitness camps charge extra for personal training, education, and cooking classes? Additionally, our pricing is straightforward with no hidden costs. More»
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Lasting Wellness at your Fingertips

For over 12 years we’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people transform their health and many from Virginia. Our program is based upon years of collective experience and scientifically based guidance to ensure weight and inches are lost in a safe and sustainable way. We use the latest technology with our Unite app, helping you track your daily progress in real time. More»

Get out of Las Vegas and into the Utah Mountains

time_icon 6:30
Intention Setting & Stretch
time_icon 7:00
Energizing Breakfast & Protein Shake
time_icon 8:00
Fat Burn Blast or HIIT Workout
time_icon 9:00
Personal Training
time_icon 10:15
Break and Snack
time_icon 10:30
Boot Camp, Boxing, or Other Group Fitness Class
time_icon 12:00
Lunch & Learn or Cooking Class
time_icon 1:15
Daily Recreational Outing (Hiking, Pool or Sports)
time_icon 4:00
Yoga Stretch, Mobility, Spa Rejuvenation or Life-Coaching
time_icon 6:30
Farm Fresh Dinner & "Walk if Off"
time_icon 7:30
Personal Time, Journaling & Relaxation

How to start your wellness journey:

  • Pick your Sunday start date (every Sunday is a new start date and we are open year round.)
  • Choose your length of stay (3 days up to 24 weeks). The most popular length of time is between 2-4 weeks.

  • Register for your retreat online or over the phone, 866-589-5615 and begin our pre-care process.

Best Fitness Camp
Unite Fitness Retreat Video Testimonials
What do others have to say about Unite Fitness Retreat?
Our guests come from all over the world, from California to New York, Texas to Las Vegas. They come with all kinds of goals in mind, some to lose hundreds of pounds others to tone up and get in the best shape of their life.
You may be looking to leave Las Vegas to attend our weight loss retreat for weight loss, improved fitness and energy, healthy lifestyle changes, an eating plan you can maintain, relaxation and wellness, a fitness vacation outside of Virginia, or any combination of these. One thing is for certain, your experience will be second to none, read a few online reviews here.
Unite Fitness Retreat Camp
Unite is honestly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The whole program is fantastic and you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. I went in wanting a reset on my habits and my mind. I came out of it with a bunch of new friends, a totally new perspective on food and exercise, and just so much positivity. It exceeded my expectations in every way.
Karen B

I didn't know what I to expect out of a 10-day stay at Unite. But what ever I imagined, I got more. The group was amazingly diverse -- in age, background and fitness level, which I appreciated. Even as an older participant, I felt very much part of the group. This was not a "let's look cute in our exercise-wear" spa-type gathering. Everyone was there to work hard and get on the path to health. And everyone did...at their own pace.
Susan S

After about 10 years of a lazy and bad diet lifestyle, a trip to Unite was just what I needed. I thought Salt Lake city was a very nice place and I really enjoyed it, and that is coming from a guy who lives in Hawaii. The hotel was awesome and in a great location. The staff was great and I enjoyed the healthy meals, something that never happened in my past. I highly recommend Unite to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.
Richard S

Frustrated by letting my healthy habits lapse during the pandemic, I discovered Unite Fitness using Dr. Google and couldn't be happier. The retreat is a wonderful mix of gym-based strength training, led by kind, knowledgeable trainers, and inspiring hikes in the beautiful mountains around Salt Lake. I was fortunate to be there for 3 weeks as the leaves changed, so the outdoor workouts were especially wonderful.
Karen S

Unite Fitness Retreat changed my life! Everything said (ads & testimonials) is true and more. My accommodations, personalized training, food, and the HIKES! First class and a tremendous value all the way. My results (39 pounds lost in 5 weeks) are well beyond the numbers based on how I feel. I made great friends and can’t wait to go back and take my wife. If one is looking for a fitness/body/lifestyle restart or reset, then this is the place to get it done.
Aaron B

Unite completely exceeded my expectations. The trainers were outstanding in every area, motivation, building our confidence, and teaching us on how to perform each exercise. I enjoyed the great lectures in lunch time. The hiking were beautiful specially the one on Saturdays. They truly care about you and your success. I met so many amazing people and for sure I will be back. I only wished have stayed longer but I left very well equipped to start transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.
Carmen M

If you are in need of a serious motivation boost to improve your wellness physically, mentally, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually, this retreat is for you. I worked hard for the week and it paid off in all realms. I returned home with a plan for continued success and it is working! The trainers, chefs, and coaches were amazing and I've never been shown such support and encouragement.
Diane C

A Results-Driven Weight Loss and Health Retreat with Proven Success
Transform your health, body + mind
Space is very limited, we are typically sold out each week.  Reserve in advance to secure your start date. We can’t wait for you to reach your goals!
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See how our structured daily routine sets us apart from other fitness camps in Las Vegas and get a good feel for the day to day at Unite.
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You deserve to live your best life.

Perhaps it’s time you get away from Las Vegas and make big changes in your health and wellness, put yourself first.
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Dana Rutledge
Dana Rutledge
Life changing! You're taught that healthy food doesn't have to taste bad. That working out doesn't have to be a chore. That living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring! The trainers and staff are incredible! Truley care about your well being and why you're there! Worth every penny, and then some! Made some wonderful friends and life-long skills! Best investment you could ever make in yourself!
Carol Ryan
Carol Ryan
I had an excellent experience at Unite fitness retreat. I can’t say enough about the program and the staff. The scenery was outstanding. I would highly recommend it to people who are ready to make a lifestyle change in relation to their physical and mental health. I would go back in a heartbeat.
ella rabbani
ella rabbani
To put it simply, there is no place on earth like Unite Fitness Retreat. Whether it be the encouraging environment of likeminded people, the coaches who are equally knowledgeable as they are enthusiastic, the impossible-to-get-sick-of mountainous location, the wide range activities working both the heart and the soul, the coaches, and did I mention the coaches? - I have a difficult time believing that it gets any better than Unite. If you are reading this now, it is likely that you are in the same place that I was not so long ago- that is, doing extensive research on all types of retreats and trying to find your perfect fit. And like me, you may have already stumbled upon programs in places everywhere from California to Thailand, Florida to Spain, Tennessee to Hawaii - essentially, you’ve officially realized that the sky is the limit. Still, you may find yourself remarkably and bafflingly drawn to a retreat in Utah. To begin, the location could not be any more perfect. I can assure anyone who may hold concerns which stem from watching Sister Wives that you will likely not come to face with that side of Utah. The Unite “headquarters” are walking distance to the facilities where we spend every morning, within close distance to most hiking trails, across the street from the buzzing Vivant Arena, close to plenty of parks and public spaces, and there are tons of great places to shop at nearby, too. There’s so much to explore and it’s super easy to get around. It’s difficult to get bored! Now speaking of the program itself- every day is very structured, and they stick to the same weekly schedule. The mornings include a mix of group circuit training, strength training, and cardio. They take us boxing once a week too, which is a crowd favorite! The coaches create such a fun environment during the group training - they’re always blasting great tunes, cheering everyone on, and they’re so knowledgeable and excited to help out with anything and everything. And they’re just the type of people you want to be around🙃 “Lunch and Learn”s are always super awesome and informative. And I can say confidently that throughout my six weeks, I learned something new every single day. The coaches discuss everything from grocery stores to weight lifting to cognitive dissonance. The coaches are especially great at creating an open environment and often times, the lessons are interactive and even conductive towards ones’ personal questions or goals. Every day, a hike follows lunch. The hikes were personally my favorite part of every day. Each trail is almost as challenging as it is beautiful. Utah is truly a magical place to connect to nature! The rest of the day following the hikes are designed around recovery and mindfulness. They offer a variety of yoga and stretch classes which I always found to be so relaxing and helpful. There are also wonderfully relaxing spa services available in place of the classes!! The tension massages are particularly awesome. The emphasis on intertwining mindfulness with physical goals has personally been life changing! The type of person that goes to Unite is the type that wants to work on themselves in any capacity. The harmonious environment is so comforting, supportive, and motivating, because beyond showing up for myself every day, there is also a family-like community of people that I felt responsible towards showing up for. It’s so easy to find people to connect with and I still keep in touch with plenty of my Unite pals on a regular basis. We even have a support group chat where we share updates on our journeys. It’s super cute🤓 So, If you’re thinking about joining Unite, stop thinking about it and just do it. The gains are worth more than any doubt or excuse not to go. And the food is fabulous and in abundance, in case you were wondering. Every day I spent there was truly a blessing and I can’t wait to go back soon and continue my progress!! Hope this review was helpful and inspires anyone wondering or thinking about going to take that step :)
k bowhall
k bowhall
Unite is honestly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The whole program is fantastic and you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t. I went in wanting a reset on my habits and my mind. I came out of it with a bunch of new friends, a totally new perspective on food and exercise, and just so much positivity. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Mornings are full of different types of exercise and afternoons provide hiking and yoga opportunities. Matt (who runs the show) is just so good at what he does, and really takes the time to get to know people and their individual needs. Laird, the other head trainer, is one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, and is insanely good at motivating people. Everyone who works here is amazing and they make every day more fun and more interesting than the last. 10/10 I would recommend you come to Unite.
Karen Strauss
Karen Strauss
Frustrated by letting my healthy habits lapse during the pandemic, I discovered Unite Fitness using Dr. Google and couldn't be happier. The retreat is a wonderful mix of gym-based strength training, led by kind, knowledgeable trainers, and inspiring hikes in the beautiful mountains around Salt Lake. I was fortunate to be there for 3 weeks as the leaves changed, so the outdoor workouts were especially wonderful. An unexpected bonus was the people I met, who all felt like kindred spirits from wildly different backgrounds -- all united in a shared mission. I wholeheartedly recommend Unite to anyone who wants to get back on the path to healthy habits -- and yes, shed pounds and inches in the process. Hats off to all the trainers and chefs who work so hard to give every client a special experience.
Mazy Gray
Mazy Gray
I must have researched every fitness retreat in the country before deciding on Unite. This was a big decision for me as I needed a major health transformation. Unite exceed my expectations by a mile. The program is fantastic and well thought out, the staff are lovely and professional. I left the retreat feeling inspired and motivated about my fitness and health, something I'd been missing for some time. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!
I feel super grateful to have participated in Unite's program. Their holistic and strength-based approach helped give me the kick start I needed towards my health-related journey. I look forward to my continued health and wellness growth. Thanks Unite!
I spent quite a bit of time searching for a fitness retreat but I kept coming back to Unite. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I had reached a point in life where what I was doing to get healthy , just wasn’t working . I’m a very active person but as we age it’s just hard to keep fit. Unite was from day one the perfect fit for me. I wanted structure and people to put me in the right direction. I didn’t have to figure anything out. It was all done for me . The trainers !!! Oh let me say a word about Matt and Laird -Outstanding! They motivated me and kept me doing things I had never believed I was capable of doing. It was hard work but each day I got stronger! After week one I started feeling for the first time , I was changing. Inside and out. These trainers are why this program works. I owe them so much! They changed my life. I’m home now and I continue to lose weight and gain muscle. I feel 10 years younger! Thank you to Matt and Laird and Unite Fitness . I’ll never go back to the old me. You are my hero’s!!
Patty Lebid
Patty Lebid
Enjoyed my time with the Unite team in Utah. The activities were all achievable and led by Matt and Laird, both of which bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and compassion to each participant. Thanks guys, for putting up with my request for a shoe horn!