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Are you ready to get back on track with your health and fitness?  Join Unite for the kick-start of your life.  Our top rated boutique fitness & weight loss camp gives you the motivation, tools, and guidance to transform your body and mind. 


You make the commitment to change your health and we will be your guide, motivation, and support.  We are a structured fitness retreat where you will SWEAT, REJUVENATE, LEARN, and CHANGE.  See how our effective fitness & weight loss camp stands out:

Our Mind and Body Approach

At Unite, we do more than just exercise, we understand you must change your mindset for new habits to stick.  It all starts with becoming more mindful and being aware of our body/mind connection.

Never More than 16 Guests

We keep our class size small so YOU get the attention and focus you need.  No two people are the same, we work with you as an individual and modify the program to fit you.

Structured Daily Schedule

Yes, you’ll be on a structured schedule…This is not a “choose your own activity” retreat.  Your pre-planned day is organized with the purpose of helping you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Nutrition & Cooking Classes

Hands-on education is WAY more effective than sitting in a lecture hall for hours “learning”.  We take you out (to the grocery store, restaurants, cooking school) and show you how to make this new life-style work in the “real world.”

Doctor Recommended

Our program is safe, proven, and effective and doctors love sending their patients to our program.  About 30% of our clients find out about us through their doctors, yay!

Beautiful Daily Hikes

Being in nature is therapeutic and we believe essential to your health.  Our mountains are a hop, skip, and a jump away and you’ll be exploring them daily.

100% All-Inclusive Program (really, it is!)

Unite is one of the only programs in the world that is truly are all-inclusive, you can leave your money at home.  Did you know most camps charge extra for massages, life-coaching, personal training, and cooking classes?

Before and After Unite Fitness RetreatAttending Unite was the best decision I have made for myself all year.   The purpose of Unite is to provide you with tools that you can implement into your own lifestyle for lasting weight loss success.  The program changed my life in many ways.  – Dolly, Canada   SEE DOLLY’S FULL TESTIMONIAL*

Weight Loss Camp Success

There is no “good time” to do this, there will always be something holding you back, you just have to find a time and commit, trust me, you’ll be glad you did. -Jeff, Texas  SEE JEFF’S FULL TESTIMONIAL* 

Weight loss camp before and after

“Seriously, Coming to Unite was a game changer for me.  There is so much to love here, great trainers, great food, amazing support and motivation.  I could not have made this kind of progress on my own.  I am beyond thrilled with how far I’ve come and I know I can continue on my own.” Ember, Texas*

*Individual Results Vary

Weight Loss Camp Training

Move Your Body

Structured & personalized exercise for your body and fitness level.  You’ll be reaching your goals sooner than you think.

Weight Loss Camp Nutrition

Change Your Habits

Enjoy healthy chef-prepared meals and snacks.  Learn how to shop, cook, meal prep, and dine out for long term success.

Renew Your Life

Real transformation comes from within.  Now is the time to de-stress, find balance, be mindful, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Take control of your health and transform your life at the nation’s leading weight loss and fitness retreat for adults.

Are you searching for a structured weight loss and health retreat or a fitness boot camp with an emphasis on serious, life-long results?  Perhaps, you’re ready to commit to your health and lose the weight once and for all, or maybe you’re  in a fitness rut and need an improved workout routine to shake things up.  Are you ready for a re-boot- Body, mind, and spirit?  If so, Unite Fitness Retreat is for you.

See a Day in the Life

Our structured fitness and weight loss retreat may be just what you’re looking for.

What Makes Unite Fitness Retreat so Awesome?  Our Guests!

Adults join us from all cultures, ages, and all walks of life.  From New York to Montana, from Texas to London and everywhere in between.  The beauty of our boutique fitness camp is how we UNITE together to get fit and healthy.  Strong friendships are built, along with strong bodies.  Check out some of our amazing guests in action, they are inspiring!

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