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Are you ready for a big change?  Unite Fitness Retreat is not your typical weight loss camp.  Our boutique program is personalized for you, effective & transforming.  You will find guidance to challenge yourself while making progress towards your health like never before.  Call 866-589-5615 for specials and availability!

Experience a Total Transformation, Body & Mind

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Utah’s Top Weight Loss Camp for 9 Years Strong


 We don’t believe in gimmicks, magic pills, or fad diets at our fitness and health retreat.  We do believe in real nutrition, moving your body (a lot), and holistic (sustainable) life-style changes.

Attending our weight loss camp is not a “quick-fix,” instead, it is an effective and powerful tool designed to change the course of your health and wellness.  We will not put you on a starvation diet (so you gain it all back when you go home) or ask you to purchase a never ending supply of ANYTHING.  Instead, wholesome meals will provide you energy to exercise and detoxify from sugar, preservatives, heavy carbs, alcohol, and more.  You will experience one-on-one training and personalized attention to meet your goals.  Our professional and caring coaches work closely with you, giving you the ability to drastically change your current weight, fitness level, and overall health.  Take a little time for you and get the kick-start of your life.  Call 866-589-5615 to learn more.

*Individual Results Vary

Fitness Camp Adults

Move Your Body

Training for a triathlon or haven’t worked out in over a decade?  No worries, we’ll customize a program to fit you.  One thing is for sure, you will have a fitness experience that you’ll never forget.  Sure losing weight and getting fit is great, but your long term health is our focus.

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Fitness Camp Nutrition

Change Your Habits

Most of us know vegetables are good for you and junk food is unhealthy…But sometimes creating new habits is what we need.  Our private chef will prepare you farm fresh meals, you’ll spend time cooking, grocery store shopping, dining out, and eating mindfully.

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Renew Your Life

Take a time out from your day to day by putting your health first.  We believe real change comes from within and you must work on “the inside” for long term wellness to flourish.  We explore nature, rejuvenate, practice mindfulness, and reset everything. 

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Structured Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat

Sample Day at Unite Fitness Retreat

6:00Metabolism Kickstart (Protein Smoothie)
6:30  Rise and Shine Training
7:30 Energizing Breakfast
8:30 Fat Burn Blast
9:00Personal Training 
10:30 Break and Snack 
11:00 Group Fitness Class
12:00Lunch & Learn
1:30 Daily Recreational Outing 
4:00 Life-Coaching, Mindful Movement Yoga, or Spa Rejuvenation
6:30  Farm Fresh Dinner & Mindfulness Training
7:30 Personal Time & Relaxation

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One of the biggest draws to our program is our structured environment.  You don’t have to worry about planning anything!  Our experts map out your wellness program with your specific goals and needs in mind.  Don’t worry, we pencil in time for weekly massages, rejuvenation, and personal time.  Perhaps, you’d like to lose serious weight or maybe you’re in a fitness rut and need an improved workout routine.  Maybe your habits are less than healthy and you need to start eating better.  Sometimes you just need TIME to focus on your overall wellness, allowing for a total mind and body transformation.

The Unite Weight Loss Retreat Difference:

You make the commitment to change your health and we will be your guide, motivation, and support.  We are a structured weight loss retreat where you will SWEAT, REJUVENATE, LEARN, and CHANGE. Everything we do is guided by effectiveness.  From your personalized workouts and breathtaking hikes to each metabolism boosting meal.  Your goals become our goals and we Unite together to make it happen.

Mind and Body Approach

At Unite, we do more than just exercise, we understand you must change your mindset for new habits to stick.  It all starts with becoming more mindful and being aware of our body/mind connection.

Never More than 18 Guests

We keep our class size small so YOU get the attention and focus you need.  No two people are the same, we work with you as an individual and modify the program to fit you.

Structured Daily Schedule

Yes, you’ll be on a structured schedule…This is not a “choose your own activity” retreat.  Your pre-planned day is organized with the purpose of helping you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Nutrition & Cooking Classes

Hands-on education is WAY more effective than sitting in a lecture hall for hours “learning”.  We take you out (to the grocery store, restaurants, cooking school) and show you how to make this new life-style work in the “real world.”

100% All-Inclusive Program (really, it is!)

Unite is one of the only programs in the world that is truly are all-inclusive, you can leave your money at home.  Did you know most camps charge extra for personal training, education, and cooking classes?  Additionally, we provide straightforward pricing with no hidden costs.

Join The Unite Community 1,000+ Lives Changed!

  Adults join our weight loss health retreat from California to London, Washington to New York, Texas to Tokyo, and everywhere in between.  We UNITE together to get fit and healthy.  Strong friendships are created along with strong bodies.

  Contact us at 866-589-5615 to see how Unite Fitness Retreat can become the catalyst you need to create your healthiest and happiest life.

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Weight Loss Camp Reviews From Around The Globe

  Your happiness is extremely important to us.  At Unite Weight Loss Retreat, we are focused on customer service and are proud of our positive reviews and our consistent 5 star ratings.

“Amazing crew, every one! Unite’s trainers work with you no matter what your weight loss level, but they challenge you too.  You’ll be amazed what you’re really capable of that you never knew you had in you.”


Salt Lake City, Utah

“One thing surprised me.  In the 4 weeks I was there, there was never a time that I was hungry.  They don’t starve you to make you lose weight.  They teach you to eat in a responsible and mindful way, with snacks to keep your metabolism burning.”


Houston, Texas

“I left stronger, lighter, and inspired … Ready to live life again.  I have been to weight loss camps before, but this one was like no other. The trainers are passionate about their work and the lives they touch, the education is second to none.”


San Diego, California

“If there are better trained, or more experienced, positive, dedicated, compassionate or knowledgeable trainers anywhere else in the world, I certainly haven’t met them.  I will be back!”


Waterford, Michigan

Transform your health, body + mind.

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