Fitness & Exercise 

Personalized exercise and activities to match your fitness level and goals.

Show up ready to sweat, we’ll take it from there.

What would a fitness and weight loss retreat be without numerous class options? Our structured fitness retreat will have you burning serious calories each day doing a variety of classes suited for your level. Don’t worry about choosing which classes to take, we’ve got your pre-planned schedule ready for you each day. At Unite our fitness activities cater to all interests and abilities, from the most sedentary to those training for a triathlon. It’s okay if you haven’t exercised for a while, we will modify your program to fit your ability. Cardiovascular training, strength training, balance, stability, and flexibility will all be a part of your program. Check out our private gym and facilities.
Examples of our Fitness Classes:
  • Personal Training
  • Foam Roller Stretching

  • Suspension Training

  • Power-tone
  • Cardio Blast

  • Suspension training

  • Spin

  • Yoga

  • Pilates
  • Boot Camp
  • Interval training
  • Kick boxing / Boxing
  • Kick boxing / Boxing
  • Core and stability ball
  • Water aerobics
  • Water bootcamp
  • Crossfit Style Workouts
We are a doctor recommended program! About 30% of our guests find out about us through their doctors. Our program is safe and effective even if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised.

While participating in your fitness or weight loss camp, you will spend a great deal of time enjoying the outdoor beauty and diversity Utah has to offer by getting out in nature each day. There is proven evidence being in natural environments has calming and positive mood effects. The combination of these two elements (exercise and nature) is one way Unite incorporates balance of the mind and body.

Downtime Recreational Activities
  • Indoor and outdoor workouts

  • Daily hikes each afternoon in our nearby stunning mountain ranges

  • Trail Running
  • Nature Walks
  • The “Unite Challenge”
  • Snowshoeing

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Bike Riding

  • Pickelball

Downtime Recreational Activities
  • Downhill Skiing (Additional Charge)

  • Cross Country Skiing (Additional Charge)

  • Water Sports (Additional Charge)

  • Rock Climbing (Additional Charge)

  • Fishing (Additional Charge)

  • Mountain Biking (Additional Charge)

  • Golfing (Additional Charge)

See a Day in the Life

As you can see, we pack a lot into each day. Don’t worry, we pencil in time for relaxation and fun too.

play play
Weight loss camp
time_icon 6:00
Rise and Shine
time_icon 6:30
Intention Setting & Stretch
time_icon 7:30
Energizing Breakfast
time_icon 8:30
Fat Burn Blast
time_icon 9:00
Personal Training
time_icon 10:15
Break and Snack
time_icon 10:30
Group Fitness Class
time_icon 12:00
Lunch & Learn
time_icon 1:30
Daily Recreational Outing (hiking or sports)
time_icon 4:00
Yoga Stretch, Spa Rejuvenation, or Life-Coaching
time_icon 6:00
Farm Fresh Dinner
time_icon 7:00
Personal Time & Relaxation
All-Inclusive Packages Start at $2040

Transform your health, body + mind.