Weight Loss Resort Guest, Kate from Oregon

Kate from Corvallis, Oregon joined our fitness and weight loss Resort for one week.  She was so gracious to share her experience and why she choose Unite Fitness Retreat for her reset.  We asked Kate a few questions to get the conversation going.

  1. Why did you start looking and ultimately decide to attend a weight loss resort or retreat?  Work stress was unbearable and it began to manifest physically in her body.  Kate describes a feeling of desperation and needing to get away to focus on herself and wanting to experience a reset outside of her home in Oregon.
  2. How did you end up deciding on attending Unite Fitness Retreat?  Kate explains how the Unite program really checked all the boxes for her.   She was looking for intentional exercise, less spa and more hard work.  Of course she wanted the other stuff too, like yoga classes and cooking class and a plethora of wonderful activities that made it really fun.  Kate describes the experience at Unite Weight Loss Resort one of the best weeks she has spent away from her life in Oregon.
  3. How was your experience at Unite Fitness Retreat?  Kate explains the first day she was nervous, full of anxiety, wondering if she would have a good experience.  By the second day she said she was so happy, so filled with joy and having an absolute blast.   She said she quickly understood the importance of sustaining a healthy life-style when she returns home to Oregon.   Kate shared that in her opinion the most beneficial about the program is that the whole team has a shared mission of wanting each guest to succeed long term at home.  She explains how apparent this process is from the initial assessments in the beginning of the fitness retreat to the very end when creating a personalized plan for home with the staff.   Kate explains how important this was to her to be able to continue on once she returns to Oregon in a real and sustainable way.

If you are searching for the ultimate weight loss resort getaway to truly focus on yourself, like Kate, we’d love to chat with you and see if Unite Fitness Retreat may be the right fit, please call 866-589-5615 with any questions.