Real change comes from within.

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Shift your mindset to change your life

Happy. Hopeful. Peaceful. Healthy. Thriving. This is what we want out of life. We want to spend more time in these places of wellbeing and less in stress, sickness, unhappiness, and worry.  Participants at Unite Fitness Retreat discover that being healthy starts from the inside.  In order for real change to last, you need to be aware of the behaviors, habits, and thoughts that have not worked in the past, you can adopt new ways of thinking that will improve your life for the long term. Our emotions about food, our body, and ourselves are created in our mind.

Take home some new mindfulness techniques and learn coping skills as you journey toward life-long wellness.

If you gain self mastery over your mind you have a means for mastery over your body.  Self awareness is having a clear perception of your personality; including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions.  Self awareness is the first step in creating the life you want.  Our mindful approach includes intuitive eating, mindful hiking, awareness of our body and mind connection, and taking time to check in with ourselves throughout the day.

Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act.  This is often called the “mind/body connection” and it’s something we talk about at our weight loss camp quite often.  When you are stressed, anxious or upset, your body tries to tell you that something isn’t right.  For example, high blood pressure or weight gain may begin to develop after a particularly stressful event.  There are many clues to find out if your emotional health is out of balance.  At Unite Fitness Retreat, we help achieve balance awareness in both your body and your mind through mindful meditation, yoga, talk therapy, spa rejuvenation, stress-management, and above all, you choosing to take care of yourself.

We can help you master your mind, change your thinking patterns, and set attainable goals for your future.

Professional Life-Coaching

Each week our guests meet privately with our life-coaches, this is an optional service that is included in our Premium and Deluxe Programs.  Participants are encouraged to change their priorities and focus on themselves allowing time to reflect, re-assess, and flourish.  Along with individual life-coaching, we offer group behavioral modification education.  Some of the topics covered in group discussions include: Food addictions, putting a stop to emotional eating, binge eating, making healthy food choices, life-style activity, thoughts on weight, problem solving, trauma, stress-management, relapse prevention, and relationship issues.  Couples who come together may find it beneficial to do their sessions together.  Keep in mind, life-coaching is optional- it is not required.

Topics Covered in Private and Group Sessions:

  • Coping with Loss
  • Divorce
  • Trauma
  • Food Addictions
  • Emotional Eating
  • Self Sabotage
  • Body Image
  • Drug/Alcohol Addictions
  • Poor Time Management
  • Poor Stress Management
  • Negative Thinking Patterns
  • Relationship Issues
  • And More…

 Yoga, Meditation, Breath work & Sound Healing

We want you to dive deeper and become more mindful as you journey with us on your wellness path.  We offer daily yoga classes, meditation classes, and sound bath healing during our weekly mindful moments.  You may opt into private sessions including yoga, breath work, a healing sound bath, and energy work in addition to our group classes.  Keep in mind, this component of the program is optional.  We can customize everything to your comfort level.  Mindfulness can also be discovered and practiced on our hikes in nature, while eating mindfully, and during the day as you check in with your body.


Transform your health, body + mind.