Stories, pictures, and testimonials to inspire you.

Unite Fitness Retreat is focused on helping you achieve the results that you have wanted for so long.  Whether that is massive weight loss, improved fitness and energy, healthy lifestyle changes, an eating plan you can maintain, relaxation and wellness, or any combination of these.  Below is a sampling of our past guest success stories and testimonials.   *Results will vary with each individual.

Best Decision I’ve Made For Myself*

Weight Loss Camp Success

Attending Unite Fitness Retreat is the best decision I have made for myself all year. The environment is not focused on quick weight loss, yet that occurs too. The purpose of Unite is to provide you with tools that you can implement into your own lifestyle for lasting weight loss success. The program changed my life in many ways.  See Dolly’s Full Testimonial

I decided to do something drastic and attend a weight loss retreat. *

I was looking for a controlled diet and controlled atmosphere.  The key thing, I wisely decided to do a prolonged period of time at Unite.  I looked at other weight loss retreats that were more like glorified spas, this was certainly an experience and an education.  See Graham’s Full Testimonial

I Left Unite Feeling Confident Again*

Fitness Camp Success Story

I started at 152.0 lbs and by the end of my stay at Unite I was down to 144.0 but even though it was ten pounds of weight loss, the results were INSANE! I gained muscle and lost a ton of inches and body fat.
Even though I wasn’t extremely overweight, I was very unhealthy and went from being an athlete to someone who would run out of breath after going up one set of stairs. My confidence was so low, I started avoiding seeing my friends. I just didn’t feel like myself and all I wanted was to feel like an athlete again.
Needless to say, I left Unite feeling confident (and sexy) again! Even more importantly, I kept up the healthy habit – both food and exercise, which leads me to my update – I’M PREGNANT!
After my initial reaction of pure joy knowing a little miracle is growing inside me, I then thought, “Oh God, all that work and now my body is going to go down the drain again!”  But honestly, THANK GOD I went to Unite because it prepared my body for the work it has to do now. And because I was exercising on a regular basis, my doctor has encouraged me to keep working out. She says it’s the best thing I can do for my baby.
I’m halfway through my pregnancy now (20 weeks, 1 day) and I hit the gym at least three times a week for almost an hour and a half. I run two miles and lift weights. I also eat clean (with my occasional cheat meals of course). At 20 weeks, I have gained 10lbs (which is exactly the amount my doctor told me I needed to put on), I had ZERO morning sickness, ZERO stretchmarks, and I feel so good. Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant because it’s been so smooth.
I know that this would not be the case if it wasn’t for Unite. So I just wanted to thank you and your team for not only helping me look and feel better, but more importantly for helping me prepare a healthy body (aka my baby’s home) for my baby boy. 🙂
 Thank you again for everything!

Danny Lost 93.5 Pounds in 10 Weeks (at camp)*

Weight Loss Camp Success StoryThree months home as of today from Unite…still hitting the gym…I can’t believe I am still going strong, I don’t know where this work ethic came from, but I’ll keep it!  I’ve lost a total of 140 pounds so far in 5 1/2 months. Gone from a size 5/6 X to a 3/2 X.  I have come a long way on my journey.  Thanks to my friends & coaches at Unite Fitness Retreat and my friends here at Train Boston.   I can see the goal line and it is closer than I thought it would be by now and far more than I ever thought it could be.  As someone who has struggled for most (if not all my life) with my weight and had so many false starts, I never thought I’d make it this far. Much less in the short time it has happened.  I wanted to say a special thank you to EVERYONE who helped me start this path and k