How we’ve grown into one of America’s top fitness & weight loss retreats.

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Why do we call ourselves UNITE Fitness Retreat?

By definition Unite means “To come or bring together for a common purpose or action.”  Unite was created with that definition in mind by a small group of fitness & health experts, experienced veterans in the  “weight loss retreat” industry, and a passionate entrepreneur with a vision.  In 2011, the idea for Unite was born as this group united to create something special and different then other fitness camps and weight loss retreats.  Because our founders had worked for many years in the industry at several other live-in camps, they knew Unite had to be different then what they had experienced before, it had to be the most effective place for people to make major life-style transformations.

Different By Design

Leah Britt, a long time fitness leader who previously worked with Premier Fitness Camp in California, brought her charisma, knowledge, and passion for all things fitness & wellness to the table when she helped designed the Unite program, she wanted Unite to be different then any other retreat or camp available to adults.  Christina Paulos, who worked for Real Life Fitness Retreat in Utah for four years, knew exactly what it took to create an organized and highly effective program, she too knew Unite had to be unique and stand out from the fitness resort crowd.  And finally, Drew Paulos, a successful Salt Lake City entrepreneur, he brought his passion for meaningful business development, living a balanced life-style, and creating strong relationships.  He believed Unite had to provide guests with unparalleled customer service and the safest & most sustainable results possible.   The three sat down with a pen & paper and mapped out the plan for Unite, together, with one shared passion, they began to create a fitness retreat unlike anything the market had seen before.  A retreat encompassing all things wellness in a boutique style setting that would prove to be the most effective fitness & weight loss retreat for adults.

From there, the team hired the very best professionals in their fields: Nutritionists, doctors, chefs, therapists, life-coaches, certified personal trainers, hiking coaches, yoga instructors, teachers, administrative staff, and wellness gurus.  We knew wellness was more than just hitting the gym and eating right.  Complete wellness required uniting the body with the mind.  Therefore, our name all of a sudden had a double meaning for us.  Not only did we Unite together to create this amazing camp, we were uniting all components of total health: Physical, mental, and emotional.

Unite became about uniting the body and the mind, so real change could happen.

Fast forward a decade later…Unite has grown into one of the highest rated fitness and weight loss retreats in the country.  Helping thousands of people get on their path to better health.  Unite Fitness Retreat is different from other weight loss camps and fitness retreats and we think that’s a good thing.


To empower our guests in creating healthy habits for optimal life-long wellness.

The Unite Fitness Retreat program and staff are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and effective environment to allow for personal physical and mental transformation. We believe that great health is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  We believe in uniting the body, mind, and soul to live your best, fullest life.

Transform your health, body + mind.