Jami From Las Vegas

Jami visited Unite Fitness Retreat twice now.  She shares why she choose Unite and more about her experience at our weight loss camp.  Jami knows a lot about nutrition and fitness but with each visit she’s gained so much more knowledge.  A few takeaways from her video testimonial:

Health and wellness are one of her core values and she needed some refinement in the area of nutrition and stress eating.  She wanted an immersive retreat where she could really focus on getting the reset she was looking for.

She said Unite was one of the only fitness camps that focuses on mind, body and spirit.  She wanted to focus on your physical fitness and challenged to do things you think you couldn’t do.  She loved the spiritual side of the retreat as well.   She shares how her experience at Unite far surpassed her expectation on a what to expect at a weight loss camp.  She shares that she is taking so many new techniques home with her to Las Vegas and she will be back to Unite for a reset each year.