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Drew Paulos
Drew Paulos Director of Sales, CEO
Drew has a passion for health and wellness and in helping people achieve their goals through living a balanced lifestyle. In 2016 Drew received a prestigious award for his entrepreneurial success with Unite Fitness Retreat as one of Utah’s top new companies. Drew is an avid outdoorsman and you can find him camping, fishing, and doing anything recreational out and about in Utah with his family. Drew received his MBA from Westminster College. Drew enjoys working out alongside our guests and believes in the power of awareness to change ones health and wellness.

“UNITE the body + mind to create lasting change.”- Drew Paulos

Christina Paulos
Christina PaulosPre-Camp Coordinator
Christina has been in the health and wellness retreat industry for close to 15 years and collaborated with Drew Paulos and Leah Britt in creating the Unite program. Bringing her knowledge and customer service experience with her, she handles Unite’s reservations and program coordinating to ensure each guest has a remarkable stay. Christina has a degree from the University of Montana in Social Work and has been inspired to be in the “Helping Profession” for as long as she can remember. She has a passion for assisting people in reaching their personal goals and becoming the healthiest and happiest they can be. She enjoys yoga, cooking healthy food, a good cup of coffee, camping, being outdoors, and spending time with her family.
Tricia North
Tricia NorthProgram Director
Tricia started teaching fitness classes while she was in high school and has never stopped. Tricia’s 20 year career in the fitness, wellness, and health industry has shaped her life. She has studied and taught just about every format of fitness imaginable. Tricia is a NASM certified personal trainer and has been training clients since 1998 while studying Exercise Sport Science at the University of Utah. She has continued in this industry due to the love of helping others achieve their health goals. Her expertise includes: Weight loss, program customization, strength training, proper form, and modifying for all fitness levels. When she is not training, you can find her spending time with family, backpacking in Utah’s back country, or reading a book somewhere on a beach.
Trish Adams
Trish AdamsAssistant Program Director
At a very young age Trish developed a love of exercise and strength training. She has been active as long as she remembers. Her passion for health and wellness brought her to Utah State University where she earned her degree in Heath Education and Promotions and a second degree in Nutrition. Trish is a certified NASM personal trainer with specializations in a wide variety of areas including strength and conditioning of all fitness levels, CrossFit, general fitness, weight loss, and modifying for injuries & physical limitations. Trish’s enthusiasm and expertise provide a comfort to new clients while pushing to achieve goals and crush self limiting beliefs. Trish loves being in the mountains, competing in Cross Fit, back packing, playing volleyball, traveling and skiing. Trish will motivate you, inspire you, and help you find your own love of movement and zest for living a healthy life.
Holli Young
Holli YoungProgram Coordinator/Master Trainer
Holli has been in the fitness & health industry for the last 25 years, following her longtime passion of assisting others in improving their wellbeing. She attended the University of Utah for her Exercise and Sports Science degree, and is an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, spin, and yoga instructor. Holli is now pursuing mindfulness and stress reduction training, because along with a healthy body she has learned that a healthy mind is imperative for optimal wellbeing. Because of this and her love of people, she feels UNITE is a perfect fit for her. Other loves is her life are her family, animals, the ocean, reading, and gardening.
Brooke Bouwhuis
Brooke BouwhuisRegistered Dietician
Brooke is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and is passionate about teaching others how to eat for fantastic health and improved energy. Sharing her knowledge of the power of food coupled with balancing real life and your goals are where she excels. Since November of 2017, her teenage daughter has struggled with IBS – revamping her nutrition plan became a top priority. The result: a very happy, healthy teen. She loves teaching others who are struggling how food can heal.
She also has 16 years experience in the dietary supplement industry, her insight and practical recommendations can keep you from wasting a lot of money.
Brooke is the author of the blog and website “Think Inside The Blender”, which she created to share how she was able to improve the health of her picky kiddos with a daily fruit and veggie smoothie. The down-to-earth, real content inspires readers to make healthier choices.
Ashley Henry
Ashley HenryActivities Coordinator & Yoga Instructor
Ashley has her bachelors in Social Sciences from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. She has her 200 hour yoga training certificate and specialized in hot yoga. She loves working with clients of all abilities and teaching them the benefits of stretching and yoga. Ashley is passionate about helping people find their strength and peace through the different outlets and methods of health and fitness, especially in the outdoors on hikes while exploring nature.
Matt Wells
Matt WellsMaster Trainer
Matt Wells is from Shelley Idaho. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the (NSCA). He’s had many years experience as a wellness director, personal trainer, and his expertise is creating and customizing weight loss and fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels. He also specializes in strength training, and competes in power-lifting. Matt has always been passionate about exercise and helping others achieve their wellness and fitness goals.
Laird Swensen
Laird SwensenPersonal Trainer
Laird Swensen studied Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah and then went on to get a degree in Nutrition Education from Weber State University. He obtained his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and USAWL1 through USA Weightlifting. His vast experience training all walks of life has led to a unique compatibility and expertise to assist people in finding what works best for them, working side by side to guide (not carry) them to their goals. That being said, his attitude is one that will motivate you to do you best and understand the individual differences of the people he works with.
Brad Kiser
Brad KiserPersonal Trainer
Brad is from Green Bay, Wisconsin and is a dedicated Cheesehead. He was a two sport athlete at Beloit College where he graduated with a degree in psychology. Fitness has been a big part of his life in helping him accomplish his own fitness goals. He has 6 years of experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer (NASM, NCSF), Fitness Manager, and Gym Manager. He specializes in making workouts simple and enjoyable, while still accomplishing fitness goals. He enjoys weightlifting and training for CrossFit competitions.
Trish Allen
Trish AllenHolistic Health Coach
Trish has been in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry for over 15 years. She is a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an AFPA certified Health and Wellness Coach, an AFAA group fitness instructor and certified TRX instructor. She loves helping others change their life-style by giving them tools to take charge of their own health. Some of her favorite topics to share Unite are Understanding Nutrition Labels, Self-Esteem, Body Image, Causes of Cravings, Meal Prep, and Successful At-Home Life-style Strategies. When she isn’t talking nutrition and fitness, she enjoys exercising, spending time with her 2 children, riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles with her husband, and reading.
Jared Anderson
Jared AndersonCertified Life-Coach
Jared is passionate about transformation! He has a Masters Degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. He is an ICF certified life coach and received his training from Accomplishment Coaching where he currently trains aspiring coaches. He feels passionate about helping our guests to overcome struggles and supporting them in creating extraordinary lives. He has been training with John Wineland for many years and is now a leader in his work. You can find Jared in his free time stomping around the mountains enjoying the amazing beauty of Utah. He also loves meditation and Kundalini Yoga and finds that it sources his life and his practice.
Chef Bonnie
Chef BonnieCulinary Expert & Yoga Therapy Instructor
Bonnie Wallace is a Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (RYT-500), Private Chef and Clinical Herbalist in training. As a graduate from the largest Ayurvedic College in the Western world, Bonnie has over 1,300 hours of education from the California College of Ayurveda and the Himalayan Institute. She specializes in the preventative side of Ayurvedic medicine- addressing and healing the root cause of disease through diet and lifestyle counseling.
For nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Bonnie’s multi-faceted programs result in radical and sustainable transformation- using a combination of therapeutic yoga techniques, Life-Pattern counseling (uncover and reframe beliefs that keep us in self-sabotaging cycles), customized meal plans, herbal medicines, and sensory therapies. Her expertise in nutrition and lifestyle counseling is led not only by scrupulous education, but refined intuition.
As a private chef, Bonnie’s recipes are loaded with creativity, color, flavor, and ancient wisdom. Inspired by Herbalism and Ayurveda- the science of being in harmony with nature- her meals are customized for each client based on their constitutional needs, and chalk full of unique nutrients that you won’t find anywhere else.
Chef Yvonne
Chef YvonneCulinary Expert
Yvonne has been cooking all her life. Her earliest memory is standing on a chair next to her grandma at the kitchen counter. They were making cupcakes together. Her passion for cooking and baking grew from that experience. Today, she works with an assortment of clients from everyday people to professional athletes and entertainers. Additionally Yvonne has a B.S. in Sociology and certification in Criminology and Corrections as well as a A.S. in Culinary Arts.
Yvonne has worked in the fitness and weight loss retreat industry for many years. This is extremely satisfying for her, she is able to take people’s favorite foods and turn them into a more healthy, yummy tasting dish. She feels it is something special to become a part of someone’s fitness journey, whether it be to lose weight, to become fit and healthy or to gain muscle.
For the last six years she has also been working specifically with NBA basketball players. Yvonne obtained a nutrition certification so that she could better help the fitness clients as well as players that she was working with to ensure that were receiving the correct macros and hydration.
Chef Billy
Chef BillyCulinary Expert
Billy is a personal/private chef and caterer specializing in the preparation of custom-built meal plans for his clients. He was born and raised in Boston as part of a boisterous and colorful family of Italian-American restaurateurs, with roots stretching back to Genoa, Naples, and Sicily. He looks back fondly upon the many days spent in the kitchen with his grandmothers, learning the secrets of traditional Italian cooking while Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra serenaded them on the crackly old AM/FM radio.

Billy’s focus is upon the unique health and dietary needs of each person individually. As part of this, Billy works closely with several local-area farmers to obtain high quality, locally-sourced ingredients for the preparation of his meals. He also holds true to the idea that wholesome, free-range, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients, when prepared with love by skilled hands and a passionate heart, have a way of bringing people together, thus strengthening the ties that bind.

Transform your health, body + mind.