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If your question isn’t one of the FAQs below, our friendly, “No pressure” coordinators will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our life-changing fitness program.  Our toll free number is 866-589-5615.

What are your COVID-19 Protocols?2021-03-09T18:17:34-07:00

We want to ensure our guests that we are taking the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously.  The well-being of our guests, team members, and community is a top priority and Unite Fitness Retreat is committed to providing a safe environment.  We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and our local and state Health Departments.  We will continue to comply with instructions from these health organizations as they strategize how to manage what is unfolding.

Although Unite already has a very stringent infectious disease prevention protocol, we have employed additional measures to bolster safety efforts.  The following can be expected leading up to and during your Unite retreat:

  1. Limited Participation. We will limit our class size to no more than 20 guests through March 2021 and up to 26 guests beginning April 4th 2021.  This will allow us to minimize exposure as well as take advantage of additional space facilitating physical distancing measures.
  2. Additional Client Screening & protective masks. This will require:
    1. Clients entering the program will be encouraged to self-quarantine at home for 7 days prior to beginning our program.
    2. Clients utilizing airlines and or public transportation to travel to camp will be required to protect themselves with face coverings recommended by the CDC in order to minimize exposure prior to their arrival at camp.  Additionally, we are encouraging extra hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer while traveling.
    3. Clients temperatures will be taken prior to starting the program and daily once at camp.
    4. Staff temperatures will be taken prior to each shift.
    5. We ask that protective masks be worn when in the vans and if needed in common areas if social distancing is not possible for both clients and staff.
  3. Practicing Physical Distancing as much as possible.
    1. “Hands-off” training and modifying exercises.
    2. Additional facilities to accommodate more space for staff and clients.
    3. Utilization of the outdoors to minimize close contact.
    4. Minimize the use of vehicles and when required, adding additional vehicles so that each client has ample spacing.
    5. No physical contact via “high-fives”, hand shaking, or other physical contact.
  4. Additional Sanitization and Cleanliness are of the utmost importance and we have not only improved processes but have added additional cleaning regimes. The following are some additional items we have implemented:
    1. Additional disinfecting all vehicles, equipment, mats, and props throughout the day following classes.
    2. Disinfecting door handles and other highly touched surfaces more frequently.
    3. Providing additional hand sanitizer throughout the day.
    4. Towels for cleaning equipment and props are single use only.
    5. Ensuring cleaning products have superior antibacterial power.
    6. Reminding clients to wash hands before and after entering or departing our common areas (dining room, gym, etc.).
    7. Assigned and socially distanced seating at our dining table.
    8. Gloves and masks will be worn by all chefs.
    9. Clients will use their personal reusable water bottles (provided) and fill up their own water.

       5. Increased Team Awareness. Arming our staff with knowledge and empowering them to take extra precautions.

We are asking our guests and colleagues to take the same precautions as are often recommended during flu season.  If you are sick, have a fever, or presenting with any symptoms of the flu, we ask that you please consider rescheduling your visit. 

You can also help protect yourself with everyday preventive actions that include avoiding close contact with people who are sick; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.  We encourage you to wear a protective mask when visiting stores our when physical distancing is not possible.  

During these stressful times, our team of wellness professionals remind each of you to focus on your health and ensure you immerse yourself in immune-boosting habits — eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest and sleep, find ways to destress and unplug.

What airport do I fly into?2019-09-28T19:34:56-06:00

You will fly into Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) to attend your fitness retreat. We will provide a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport to the Marriott.

Is it possible to work while I am participating in the program?2018-04-13T11:31:38-06:00

Sadly, not all of us can disconnect from work 100% while participating in the program.  Don’t worry, we get it.  Many of our guests who attend (especially) long term stays, must work while at Unite.   You will have time to get it all done and still participate in the majority of programming.  You will have a desk in your room, free wi-fi, and a business center for your convenience.

When do the programs start?2017-04-03T16:11:47-06:00

We are open 365 days a year and each Sunday is a new start date.  The program starts on Sunday and ends on Sunday, however you are welcome to depart on Saturday evening if that works better for you.

Because of our small class size, we fill up FAST!  Normally, we are full three weeks out, but you may request to be added to a wait list if your desired start date is full and we will do our best to accommodate.

Check-in between 2:00 PM-4:30 PM, you may arrive earlier, but your room may not be ready until 2:00 PM.

Check-out anytime by noon on Sunday.  Breakfast is included on your departing day.

Will I regain the weight I lose while at camp once I go home?2017-05-22T16:38:09-06:00

This is one of the most common questions we get asked, and for good reason.  Everyone makes progress at camp, it’s inevitable.  You have fitness trainers guiding your exercise, you have chefs preparing perfectly proportioned meals, you have a therapist working with you to combat stress and change behaviors- How can you not succeed while in this structured atmosphere?

The biggest goal we have as a fitness and health business is making sure we equip each person who walks through our doors with the TOOLS they need to make lasting changes.  You will learn a lot, you will make new habits and ditch old habits, you will create a new roadmap for your health.  We also help you create a very effective plan for home before you leave.  So, will you regain the weight once you stop working out 6.5 hours each day?  Our statistics show that about 89% of our guests MAINTAIN or LOSE MORE weight in the following year after leaving Unite, we are proud of that statistic.


Will I be working out in a tiny “hotel” gym?2017-04-03T13:25:18-06:00

Absolutely not!  Our state-of-the-art gym has won awards for being the “nicest” gym in the state.  The 55,000 square foot sprawling space is the perfect setting to get in shape.  With the best training equipment to date, high end amenities, and private fitness rooms, our guests feel right at home in this “no judgment zone” gym.

Where does the retreat take place?2019-09-28T19:25:48-06:00

Unite Fitness Retreat is located in Salt Lake City, Utah at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range.  We are in a beautiful, recreational area.  Our  home base is at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.  At the Marriott, you have a private guest room, we eat our chef-prepared meals together in our beautiful private dining room with amazing mountain views.  We also have a private meeting space, life-coaching offices and yoga classes.   All of our fitness training takes place a couple of blocks up the street at our 55,000 square foot gym.  The gym is impeccably designed with state-of-the-art equipment, private training rooms, a pool, spa, and executive locker rooms.  One of the best parts about Unite is our proximity to the mountains and unlimited recreational activities we participate in daily.

How do I know if Unite is the right fit for me?2021-07-17T18:10:38-06:00

Unite is the right fit for someone wanting a structured environment.  It’s not a “choose your own activity” type of program.  From 6:00 am to 7:30 pm, your schedule is outlined and planned for you.  Of course, we pencil in time for rejuvenation and personal time each day.  Another key point, Unite is for someone wanting a small group dynamic, we never have more than 30 guests at camp, that way we can give everyone personalized care and attention.  Finally, Unite is for someone ready to work hard and make real progress.  The fitness aspect of the program is quite intense, however, we can modify the program to fit all levels.  Ultimately, we want to welcome those who are ready to commit to their health and ready to make lifestyle changes.

What is the mailing address if I want to receive mail while I am at camp?2017-12-23T10:37:49-07:00

Name:  Unite Fitness Retreat Office

Address:  931 Simpson Avenue

Attention: Unite Fitness Retreat, C/O: Your Name

City:  Salt Lake City

State:  Utah

Zip:  84106

Do I need to rent a car while I am in town?2017-04-25T21:34:59-06:00

Nope!  We provide complimentary transportation to and from the airport and we do all the driving while you are in town.  Also, we are in a very walkable area, you are close to everything you’d need, even a sporting goods store, in case you forget something.

How will I do my laundry?2019-10-07T10:49:24-06:00

The Marriott has a coin-op option on site or a daily laundry cleaning service available for all guests.

Are pets welcome?2017-12-23T10:36:41-07:00

Yes, we are pet friendly and your furry friend is welcome to join you!  There are many times throughout the day to let your pet out for fresh air.  A $175 cleaning deposit is added to your stay.

What’s your cancellation policy?2016-08-20T13:22:58-06:00

Any cancellations must be made at least 15 days prior to the scheduled arrival date to receive a full refund less the non-refundable $1,500 deposit.  All reservations canceled within the 15 days will result in a credit to be used at Unite at a later date.  You are welcome to change your start date, we can be flexible as long as we have availability the day you’d like to change to.  There are no credits or refunds for late arrivals or early departures.

Is the retreat tax-deductible?2016-08-20T13:22:33-06:00

Participating in our program for some guests can be tax deductible.  If your doctor has recommended you lose weight to treat a specific weight-related disease (such as obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, depression, high cholesterol) you may be eligible to write off a portion of the program as a medical expense.  You will need documentation from your doctor stating that it’s a medical necessity to lose weight.  Please advise with your tax consultant.

Is Unite Fitness Retreat covered by my health insurance?2016-08-20T13:19:12-06:00

Contact your insurance provider to see if a residential weight loss program is covered by your health insurance.  Our program is not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

Do you need a deposit?2018-02-17T14:52:29-07:00

A $1,500 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking your stay.

What payment options are available?2017-05-22T16:38:09-06:00

Unite Retreat accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, wire transfers, and personal checks.  Please call for more financing options, 866-589-5615.

What does a typical day look like?2021-11-01T11:09:10-06:00

This is a sample daily schedule (each day is a little different), we really mix it up for you. We want you trying new classes, stepping out of your comfort zone, and discovering your unique fitness journey.

6:30 Metabolism kickstart (Protein Shake)
6:45  Rise and shine training
7:30 Breakfast 
8:30 Fitness class (boot camp, intervals, cardio workouts, etc.)
9:45 Personal training 
10:45 Break and snack
11:00 Fitness class (boxing, water aerobics, spin, etc.)
12:00 Lunch & nutrition workshop
1:15 Daily recreational outing (hiking, sports, etc.)
4:00 Rejuvenation (yoga, life-coaching, or massage)
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Relaxation and personal time
Why are your rates so low compared to other camps?2015-09-24T17:11:53-06:00

We strive to have competitve rates and make this as affordable we can. Yes, some programs are priced much higher, but that does not mean the quality is any better. We feel that this doesn’t need to break the bank and we want everyone to be able to attend regardless of finances, we even have payment plans available. One thing is sure, you will be surprised by how much you get and what a great value Unite is, we guarantee it.

Who are the typical clients at Unite?2017-05-22T16:38:08-06:00

Our clients are all 18 or over, male and female, from all walks of life, and from all over the world.  All fitness levels welcome from the most sedentary to the most active.  Anyone looking to improve their life, whether it’s to lose weight, re-gain your health, get “un-stuck”, or to simply have a vacation where health and fitness are a priority, Unite is the place for you.

I’ve never worked out before, what if I can’t keep up?2017-05-22T16:38:09-06:00

We customize the program for each individual, no two people are alike so we adjust the level of workouts to suite each person.  You will go at your own pace with the encouragement and right class choices for YOU.

We promise you will have sweat inducing, intense cardio classes and personal training that fits the level of fitness you are at.  Again, you go at your own pace and we modify the intensity of the program to fit each person.

Do I need to see my doctor before starting this program?2016-08-20T13:20:00-06:00

Yes, we require all new guests to receive medical clearance prior to starting the Unite program.  We ask that you’ve been to your doctor within 6 months of starting your program to get the most out of your time at camp.  Verbal confirmation is all we need, unless you have a pre-exiting medical condition, requiring a written note from your doctor.

What should I pack?2021-03-24T10:30:55-06:00

This is going to be your home away from home for a while.  Bring what you would like to make yourself comfortable, however, we suggest that you keep these items within reason.  The following is a suggested packing list:

  • Exercise clothes (enough for 7 days)
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Heart Rate Monitor (that displays on your heart rate on your wrist).  We have POLAR™ M200 Models available for sale or rent
  • Clothing for down time (whatever you normally wear when not exercising)
  • Winter apparel-warm coat, gloves, scarf, hat, snow pants, snow boots (if coming during the winter months)
  • Light weight jacket or sweatshirt
  • Swimsuit (pack at least 2) and flip flops (pool shoes)
  • Hat or sun visor
  • Exercise or walking/running shoes
  • Hiking boots or trail walking shoes

Other important items to bring:

  • Toiletries
  • Back pack
  • Cell phone
  • Camera *optional
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  • Protective face mask

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Unite Fitness Retreat
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Annie Mullin
Annie Mullin
20:31 27 Feb 22
My journey and how I found and ended up at Unite Fitness Retreat is short and sweet. With the Covid shutdown and aging... process (I am 59), I found myself slowly but surely gaining momentum on the weight gain train. I was losing muscle and gaining fat so the pounds were not extreme but the inches were out of control. Nothing I tried on my own worked and knew that if I did not get my metabolism fixed and fired back up fast I was going to be trying to lose 100 lbs. vs. 20lbs.I found United Fitness Retreat and it immediately sounded like a program that could help me get back on track. I may have looked at one or two other options, but I kept coming back to Unite Fitness due to the daily schedule: structured workouts, hiking (definitely the hiking sold me) and yoga/mobility classes.The program is for all ages, sizes, abilities and goals. Regardless of where you are in your journey to get healthy or stay healthy, I highly recommend Unite Fitness Retreat. By following their program, you cannot go wrong. I was there for 2 full weeks and would have definitely stayed a 3rd week had it been feasible.The staff of trainers are professional, helpful and kind. They truly understand that each participant has their own individual goals and they help inspire clients to reach them. This is one of the best programs out there for anyone looking to change their lifestyle and mindset to be healthier, no need to look any further.Unite Fitness Retreat, Thank you for helping me get back on track.read more
Richard Schaab
Richard Schaab
06:32 11 Jan 22
After about 10 years of a lazy and bad diet lifestyle, a trip to Unite was just what I needed. I thought Salt Lake... city was a very nice place and I really enjoyed it, and that is coming from a guy who lives in Hawaii. The hotel was awesome and in a great location. I cannot say that I did much outside of the program, because that was my focus. The staff was great and I enjoyed the healthy meals, something that never happened in my past. I highly recommend Unite to anyone looking for a lifestyle change. I started with the three week program and after the first week I knew I had to extend an additional week. I thought four weeks was perfect. The only thing I recommend is to try and come with nothing on your plate. I noticed several people in the program were often sidetracked with family phone calls, work phone calls or issues which seem to detract from their focus on the program. Hopefully I will not need to return, however I will probably consider going back for a week just because I enjoyed the staff, the regiment, the lodging, and the food. Don’t think… Just Do It!read more
Danielle Nielsen-Mueller - Re/Max Advantage
Danielle Nielsen-Mueller - Re/Max Advantage
01:51 08 Dec 21
Unite Fitness was an experience I am 100% grateful for. Cue the dramatics….but it was life changing! On a day to day... basis, you get to focus on YOU. It gets you moving, has you eating right and gives you tools for the real world. The staff was very knowledgeable and personable! They push you, make sure your safety is #1 and want to see you succeed. The food was amazing, the facilities were clean and the location provided a beautiful backdrop for the daily hikes. The 4 weeks I took to focus on my health and wellness was absolutely worth it!read more
Aaron Gutwein
Aaron Gutwein
21:55 18 Nov 21
Unite Fitness Retreat changed my life! Everything said (ads & testimonials) is true and more. My accommodations,... personalized training, food, and the HIKES! First class and a tremendous value all the way. My results (39 pounds lost in 5 weeks) are well beyond the numbers based on how I feel. I made great friends and can’t wait to go back and take my wife. If one is looking for a fitness/body/lifestyle restart or reset, then this is the place to get it done.read more
Eileen Weitzel
Eileen Weitzel
01:25 18 Nov 21
Unite was an excellent choice for me. While I knew most of what they were saying to get healthy, I still needed that... push to keep on target.The staff was very professional and was always there with an encouraging word.The program had many different activities so we were never bored.Would highly recommend this fitness retreat.read more
Sande Krieger
Sande Krieger
12:33 04 Nov 21
My experience with Unite exceeded my expectations. I lost body fat and gained both muscle and confidence. The breadth... of workouts I did kept my mind engaged and challenged my body. I did things I never had before, like boxing, a medicine ball workout and leg pushups. The best part was the support I felt from both the trainers and the other participants. I learned so much from their nutritionist Brooke as well as their chefs, Marjorie, Yvonne and Kaori. I've been able to take the recipes, pantry overhaul and workouts back home with me so I'm continuing my quest to live a healthier and more joyful life. The morning staff work hard to make every exercise accessible to each client. Their afternoon staff who lead the hikes, mobility/yoga and mindfulness are absolutely lovely people who care deeply about each participant. Thank you to my Unite Family!read more
Kathleen OBrien
Kathleen OBrien
12:36 25 Oct 21
You'd be hard pressed to locate a more organized, well run program than Unite. And what tops the incredible program... are the top notch trainers--they cannot be beat. The trainers zone in on each client and help them to reach their potential. Attention to detail is all over the place, meals are well planned, schedules run like a well oiled machine thanks to the trainers, and it's just all around a great place to experience. Highly recommend.read more
Carmen M
Carmen M
17:41 22 Oct 21
Unite completely exceeded my expectations.The trainers were outstanding in every area, motivation, building our... confidence, and teaching us on how to perform each exercise. I enjoyed the great lectures in lunch time. The hiking were beautiful specially the one on Saturdays. They truly care about you and your success. I met so many amazing people and for sure I will be back. I only wished I could of stayed longer but I left very well equipped to start transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.read more
00:56 20 Oct 21
After researching many places, I settled on Unite & it was the best decision I've ever made. They really do care for... each & every person. I was there for a month, my husband joined me in the program for the last 2 weeks & even he enjoyed it. My husband is 65 & has a bad hip & bad knees but that didn't stop him because the trainers would help him modify the exercises that he needed so he'd get the same desired results. I went there after I gained 50 ibs & had lower back pain from sitting all day binge watching Netflix & eating for a year or 2. But by the end of my first week all my back pain was gone & I've never felt stronger In my life. I would diffenitly recommend Unite Fitness to anyone that needs a change in their life. You won't regret it.read more
Benjawan Hammonds
Benjawan Hammonds
19:58 28 Sep 21
Best program and great results. All coaches are professional, helpful, friendly and explained all exercises clearly.... Loved the hiking trail.read more
16:32 21 Apr 21
Fantastic experience. I originally only signed up for one week - I would highly recommend doing a least 2 weeks to... really see the impact of all your hard work. Turning 50 hit my body hard. I needed to lose some weight and build up my strength. I got both out of this retreat. We all work and eat together, but everyone is supported in going at their own pace. The first 3 days were rough, but after day 3 I would wake up feeling better than I have felt in a very long time. Supportive trainers, nutritionist and chefs. I learned so much! I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to feel better.read more
Suzanne Hoefler
Suzanne Hoefler
23:42 11 Feb 21
Unite has changed my mindset and body. I am truly grateful for the support of all the trainers. Everyone has a unique... journey and even though I struggled at times it is because of the unite staff I am living a stronger and healthier life. Everyone genuinely cared about my success at unite.read more
Shannan Billingsley
Shannan Billingsley
21:04 10 Feb 21
Unite Fitness Retreat - FAR exceeded my expectations. The staff is awesome, every single one of them. They are there to... help teach, educate and train you without any judgement. Trainers are available and willing to help with any questions, thoughts or ideas. There work out are fantastic, along with the nutrition and cooking classes. I was only there a week (lost inches and weight, that was a plus) and have been home a month now. I am still on track, I brought everything I learned there home and have implemented it into my everyday life, with ease. I've had my weekly calls with the a training after coming home, along with a 30 day challenge and recipes to follow along with . I HIGHLY recommend Unite Fitness Retreat. The friends you meet and stay in contact with is just the bonus!read more
Sue Mullen
Sue Mullen
19:24 17 Dec 20
After researching many places to make my lifestyle change, I hopped on a plane, left the East Coast and landed in Utah,... at Unite Fitness Retreat. After battles and battles with weight issues and trying every FAD diet out there, Unite CHANGED my life, not just my waistline.(that was an added bonus).Or as one of the trainers told me, "I changed my life, with the help of them." (Laird your the best)The trainers at Unite, help with cardio, strength training, and nutrition, but for me, all of those things helped with my "mental" state of mind and also helped me to realize some of the reasons, that may have contributed to me seeking a retreat to begin with.I have always exercised and actually enjoy it, but, I also followed EVERY FAD DIET and NEVER did strength training!! Who would have thought, you could do hours and hours of cardio, but without strength training and you would never see results you wanted. ( I also learned and realized that from the amazing trainers).When I arrived at Unite, I knew I made the very best choice. The staff at Unite provided me with all the "tools" I needed to make, my new LIFESTYLE! Whether it is nutrition changes, weight changes, lifestyle changes, you are seeking, Unite can help you with your journey, because they WANT too! The staff is amazing and are there for YOU, not just the crisp bills you pay to be there, like some places!They will not tell you what to do or when to do it, what they WILL do is provide a schedule (a very busy, very detailed, great one), and help guide you, in the best way possible for you!! At Unite Fitness it is about YOU, and what you make of it, you just have some GREAT people helping you along the way!read more
Daniece Crump
Daniece Crump
20:46 04 Dec 20
Great information & education combined with a variety of amazing workouts then add in fun, knowledgeable & motivating... staff & trainers and you’ve got the recipe for success on site & once you return home.😊read more
Cori Rice
Cori Rice
18:31 02 Dec 20
LOVE LOVE LOVE this retreat!!! Great Staff who plan workouts to tailor everyone's needs and wants. They work with you... individually in order to help you with your individual goals as well as become friends with you and help you to better improve your self-image and your outlook on life. I went for 4 weeks in the month of August and it was LIFE CHANGING! I loved the hikes that we went on as well as the boot camp workouts that we did. It is a great step towards changing your life forever.read more
Rejane Mirtes
Rejane Mirtes
17:06 29 Nov 20
I believe the main goal of most people who decide to invest in one of the Unite Fitness Retreat programs is to lose... weight, and that was not different with me. But why did I choose Unite among so many other options available out there? Because I couldn't find a better option where I could take care of both my body and mind. So I travelled all the way from California to Utah and I couldn't be happier with the choice I made. I was there for 3 weeks and when I came back home after following all the activities available in the program I was not only in a better shape than before, but I became a more confident person. The whole experience was really life changing for me. After I overcame some of my own fitness and mind obstacles I really feel like I can conquer the world. And for that I thank all the amazing instructors at Unite for being so talented, supporting and motivating. I would like to thank the amazing chefs that kindly prepared all of our delicious meals. I would like to thank Brooke for sharing her knowledge with us and so much precious information about food. And I would like to thank the other program's participants for being such an inspiration for me.read more
Michelle Zwaagstra
Michelle Zwaagstra
16:29 29 Nov 20
I attended Unite Health & Fitness for four weeks in Aug 2020. It was truly one of the best things I could have done... for myself and my health. I learned about food (good and not so good for me) exercise (a variety of different styles) awake-rest-sleep and that taking time for myself throughout a day is what we are supposed to do for our bodies, mind and spirit.This program is tough, challenging, strenuous (at times), exhausting, scary, REWARDING, GRADIFYING, PRIDFUL, CLARIFYING AND SO MUCH MORE.If your thinking about a fitness & health program, look into this one. I wasn't disappointed and recommend this program.read more
22:42 25 Nov 20
I spent three weeks at Unite and I lost weight and body fat. I developed a different relationship with food through... Unite's structured snacks and meals. I am no longer overwhelmed at the grocery store because I know what to buy and what to eat. In addition, working out and incorporating it into my schedule is easier since I left Unite due to everything that I learned. I recommend the camp if you are looking for a solid weight loss education and if you want to transform your life. The trainers are really good and your fitness level does not matter. You will never feel left out.read more
Maria Smith
Maria Smith
20:54 20 Aug 20
The steroids I received during (successful) cancer treatment came with a bad side effect: I steadily gained weight for... over three years. After trying several times to lose the excess 30 pounds, I had just about given up. Then I went to Unite. I went for one week, and while the difference in my weight was small after that week, the difference in my attitude was huge. I realized it wasn't going to be easy, but that I could do it. In short, it was life-changing. It taught me to be truly mindful about what I put into my body.. The teaching/lunch sessions by Brooke (the nutritionist) was so informative and encouraging, and her grocery store tour is a must, even for someone like me who doesn't cook. The other great thing I gained from my week at Unite was a willingness to try new things--something I've continued since coming home.The weight is coming off slowly, but it's coming off. I intend to go back for at least another week in the fall, COVID-19 permitting. Thanks to all.read more
Tricia Perez
Tricia Perez
23:51 11 Aug 20
I’m so happy Unite came up in my google search for a getaway fitness program. The program is complete and they truly... tailor to all ages and fitness levels. I had great results for the week I was there as I needed a reset and to learn a few things. I thought the food was great, the lunch and learns were informative, training sessions pushed my fitness to the next level, and the afternoon hikes and mobility sessions topped off each day. Highly recommend you make the investment in yourself. Look forward to going again and hope to bring along some friends my next visit.read more
03:04 29 Jan 20
Unite Fitness Retreat is absolutely amazing! The concept, the coaches, the facilities and the meals are zenith. The... coaches sincerely care about your success and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They encourage and motivate you while they understand and help you do only what you physically can do. Although you work out with others, it is truly an individual success plan. The entire staff will work with you and in my case, they accommodated everything that I needed! If you want to jump start a lifestyle change and lose weight, gain motivation and a healthy lifestyle all at the same time, Unite is the place. The entire package was important to me, but I really appreciated the living accommodations at the end of the day. They are top natch! Thank you ALL at Unite Fitness Retreat! You have changed my life. See you next year for a reboot :)read more
Paul Entis
Paul Entis
15:39 21 Jan 20
I have only great things to say about Unite. The program provided exactly the re-set i needed to get on a healthy... track. The Retreat blended intense physical activity, well-prepared food and useful nutrition counseling, all led by a cadre of superb trainers. My five weeks there were instrumental in setting me up for the success I continue to experience back home.read more
Sonia P.
Sonia P.
09:49 17 Jan 20
I had an amazing experience. The location was perfect (the hotel and the gym) and everybody was helpful and... professional. They make you take care of yourself (even when you are not used to or are too lazy to do so) which is a very important lesson to learnread more
Denise Acosta
Denise Acosta
20:36 16 Jan 20
My experience at Unite Fitness was amazing! I exceeded all the goals that I had set for myself. My biggest... accomplishment was to get on track with my diet and losing weight. I no longer follow any fad diets because the program at Unite Fitness has taught me to eat clean and healthy foods everyday. It is the best thing I've ever done, I can't wait to go back and do it all over again!read more
Gordon Gartrell
Gordon Gartrell
18:47 23 Oct 19
I spent two weeks here and it was great. I did lose weight, but mostly I got a lot of healthy new habits, and I... stopped drinking soft drinks and detoxed off of sugar. All costs are included in the up-front fees, including every meal. Stick to this healthy diet, don't cheat, enjoy the exercise classes and hiking, and you will feel fantastic! I really liked the trainers and the other attendees. Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains are beautiful.read more
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