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Registration 2023
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Thank you for choosing to attend Unite Retreat!
The most EFFECTIVE fitness and Weight Loss Camp.
Please fill out the items below so that we may reserve your spot and process your application.
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Personal Information
Camp Details
**Pricing is dependent on the length of time you select to attend. 
For current pricing and updated promotions click the following link.  Rates & Dates

**Premium Program (Add $300/Week) 

 Includes TWO 60 min. private sessions each Week (ex.  Relaxation Massage, Nutritional Counseling, Life-Coaching, Physical Therapy, and more)

**Deluxe Program (Add $450/Week) 

 Includes THREE 60 min. private sessions each Week (ex.  Relaxation Massage, Nutritional Counseling, Life-Coaching, Physical Therapy, and more)


**Programming begins Sunday at 5:30 PM MST
**If you wish to arrive prior to Sunday you may check-in early for an additional $180/night (Programming begins Sunday at 5:30 PM MST)
**3 Day Program (Programming ends Wednesday 4:00 PM MST)
**5 Day Program (Programming ends Friday 4:00 PM MST)
**1-24 Week Programs (Programming ends Sunday 12:00 PM MST)
**If you wish to depart on a later date you may for an additional $180/Night
Room Type
Room Upgrades
Room Upgrades
**King and Double Queen Suites (Add $50/Night) 
**Hyatt House Pet Friendly Room (Add $50/Stay)
**Element Hotel (Add $35/Night)
**Le Meridian Hotel (Add $65/Night)
**All rooms are private unless you are attending with a spouse|friend|etc. you wish to share accommodations with. 
**If you are sharing a room please add the details in the following section.  Any persons sharing your room that plan on attending the program must complete their own registration.
**Available if you have secured alternate lodging on your own and plan on commuting to and from camp.
**Available if you have secured lodging onsite via Bonvoy Rewards and the cost of that lodging has been satisfied by either reward points or personal means.
**Eligible discounts will be deducted from corresponding published rate including any current promotions at the time of registration.  Only one of the listed discounts may apply. 
Wait List
If you do not see your desired start date in the above "Available Program Start Dates" drop down, that week is more than likely at capacity. 
If you would like to be added to a wait list for a currently unavailable week please check the box below and enter each date that you wish to be added to the wait list.
**You may list multiple dates as long as the dates are future Sundays (Program Start Dates)



Register for an Available date and be added to a wait list for an unavailable date

If you would like to select a start date that is currently available, please do so and you are still able to add yourself to wait lists for unavailable dates. If any of those dates open up you will have the option of transferring your deposit to the newly available date.


Wait list only

If you are not able to participate any other dates than those required to be added to a wait list, please select “T.B.D.” from the "Available Program Start Dates" drop down and complete the wait list section as well as finalize your registration. You will not be added to any wait lists if your Registration is not completed including deposit.


Unsuccessful Wait List 

If you are not selected from the wait list or you no longer desire to begin on the wait listed start date made available for you, your deposit will be refunded in it’s entirety.


Successful Wait List 

If you are selected from the wait list and do wish to participate once notified, your deposit will be transferred to your new reservation and all other cancellation and refund policies will apply.

Program Deposit
To complete your registration Unite requires a deposit of $1,500.00 US.  Your deposit is partially refundable up to 30 days prior to your program start date.  Our policies are posted for your review by clicking the following link.