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How is Unite different from other weight loss camps or fitness vacations?

  • Unite offers the best value in the industry!  We provide you with more than any other fitness or weight loss camp and at a better value to you.  How do we do this?  We include ALL that you need, from personal training to educational cooking classes, mindfulness training to amazing outdoor activities. Nothing is left out or overlooked.  We also include a round trip shuttle from the airport, all taxes and gratuities, and private modern lodging for each guest.
  • We are not the overcrowded health spa or big resort that you’ve been to.  We provide a boutique fitness experience, personalized attention instead of a one-fits-all type of program.
  • We are not a “fat farm” in the middle of nowhere, Unite Fitness Retreat is located in Salt Lake City at the base of the incredible Wasatch mountains.  We enjoy all seasons and get outside every single day.  Why do we feel like experiencing a fitness retreat is better in a “real life” setting?  Because we TEACH you how to succeed in the real world.  You will know exactly how to navigate the grocery store, build a terrific healthy salad bar, order at a restaurant, and prepare healthy meals for yourself.  You will also know what to do when you see your triggers (like fast food), you will have the skills for long term success.
  • There are no starvation juice or cabbage soup diets allowed and no supplements or magic pills to take, just delicious and nutritious meals prepared with love by our private culinary team.
  • We offer private life-coaching and behavioral change education so you can make this commitment stick when you return home, after all, that’s what it’s all about.
  • We won’t yell at you, we’ll inspire you and motivate you to push yourself.  We are extremely dedicated to our guests and provide a training style that is supportive and kind with a healthy dose of “YOU CAN DO IT!”
  • We strive to help you create lasting positive change in your life-in all areas.  This is not a quick fix, this is a life-style change. Our immersive program helps you accomplish goals such as discovering healthy foods, changing habits, creating a personalized fitness plan, and overcoming emotional barriers & stressors for life-long wellness.

Many of the benefits of attending Unite Fitness Retreat include:

  • Achieve a healthy weight for the long term*
  • Strengthen and tone your body*
  • Lose stubborn belly fat*
  • Stabilize blood sugar*
  • Quit smoking*
  • Quit drinking alcohol*
  • Detox your body from the inside out*
  • Jump start your metabolism*
  • Improve sleep apnea, diabetes, and other health conditions*
  • Reduce high blood pressure*
  • Find balance and clarity in your life*
  • Create healthy eating habits*
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem*
  • Overcome emotional eating*
  • Overcome fitness plateaus*
  • Overcome addictions and self-defeat*
  • Begin to heal after trauma from divorce, loss, or other major life-changes*
  • Feel energized, renewed, active, and refreshed*

How is Unite the Best Value Compared to Similar Fitness & Weight Loss Camps?

Whether you’ve just started your research to find the best fitness or weight loss camp for yourself, or you’re still looking, you’ve probably seen a wide variety of pricing.  Many of our competitors are double, if not triple our prices.  Why? They promise luxurious accommodations and beach front access.

We promise to be the most effective live-in weight loss camp for adults.

If you are searching for a luxurious spa vacation with little exercise or structure, we’re not the place.  If you are searching for the best atmosphere for making change in your life and an expert team that supports you fully, we are the retreat for you.

Our accommodations are modern, comfortable, and private with beautiful mountain views.  We provide free wi-fi and fine linens, with spacious workstations, and king beds.  Unite is the perfect mix of urban (so we can take you to the grocery store and dinner out) and nature (so you can hike in the mountains and explore your adventurous side).

We are an all-inclusive fitness camp and we won’t nickel and dime you once you get here.  It’s all taken care of up front when you register.  There are no extra purchases required and we’ve thought of everything, even a few important extras like a weekly cooking classes, inspiring guest speakers, and after-care support when you go home.

Unite Fitness Retreat was created by experts in the weight loss retreat industry who had experience working for some of the premier fitness and weight loss resorts in the world.  With over a decade of knowledge, experience, and passion Unite was formed to be the most effective fitness camp while being at a price point that is fair without skimping on value.

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