Fitness Retreat Guest, Brandi from Arizona

Brandi from Chandler, Arizona joined our fitness retreat for one week.  She shares a little about her experience and why she choose Unite Fitness Retreat for her reboot.  We asked Brandi a few questions to get the conversation going.

  1. Why did you start looking and ultimately decide to attend a fitness retreat?  Brandi explains she wanted help to reboot her whole mental and physical journey into a new healthy lifestyle.
  2. How did you end up deciding on attending Unite Fitness Retreat?  Brandi told us she had a friend in Arizona who had attending Unite Fitness Retreat and she wouldn’t stop talking about her great experience.  An opportunity came where a few girlfriends could all attend together to make it a girls fitness vacation.
  3. How was your experience at Unite Fitness Retreat?  Brandi shares that her experience at Unite was more than she expected, above and beyond what she thought it would be.   She knew she was coming in with challenges with nutrition.  She said the trainers were great, the workouts were great, all levels can do the program from beginners to professional athletes.

If you are searching for the ultimate fitness retreat getaway to truly reboot, like Brandi from Arizona, we’d love to chat with you and see if Unite Fitness Retreat may be the right fit, please call 866-589-5615 with any questions.