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Seeking a Weight Loss Resort in Toronto

Unite Fitness Retreat has been Toronto’s #1 option for a weight loss resort for the past thirteen years.  Why do guests fly in from Toronto to Unite Fitness Retreat? The Unite weight loss program is extremely structured, effective, and creates lasting positive results in your health and wellness.  At Unite, we love our guests from the north and give excellent discounts to our Canadian friends, please inquire about our Canadian discounts.  At any given time, we have several guests from Toronto, that initially were searching for a weight loss resort in Toronto, but couldn’t find one in their area.

Our One-On-One Approach to your Wellness

The biggest difference between Unite and some of the “BIG” weight loss resorts and camps in Canada and the U.S. is our personalized approach.  We get to know each guest individually and your goals, needs, and specific plan matter to us.  At Unite, you won’t be lost in the shuffle or asked to pick and choose what to do each day.  If you are looking to make a big change in your life and want attention from your trainers and coaches, Unite is the place to make it happen.

Jason from Toronto describes his Unite experience,

I was initially wanting to stay in Canada to attend a weight loss camp, but I’m glad I did my research and found Unite.  The program is absolutely life-changing.  The trainers are top notch, the Utah mountains are amazing, I liked the variety of fitness classes, and I’m leaving 20 pounds lighter after a 4 week stay, mostly off my stomach.  I’d highly recommend Unite Fitness Retreat to anyone looking to get in shape and make big changes in their nutrition, fitness, and overall life.”

Weight Loss Camp for Adults Success Story

Unite Fitness Retreat, Your Weight Loss Resort

Get away from your day to day stressors, get out of Toronto and into the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our weight loss resort is located in the perfect area in Utah at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, our playground.  Make the change you’ve been wanting and give us a call to discuss our program further today, 866-589-5615.