Is Unite a Fat Camp for Adults?

We don’t really love the term “fat camp”, however, that’s what you might be searching for. What about a fitness and weight loss camp for adults? One that focuses on your long term health and fast fat loss alike. We do not consider ourselves a fat camp, rather a FIT CAMP.
Unite Fitness Retreat Gym

Searching for a Dallas Weight Loss or Fat Camp?

What about getting away to get fit? We offer a year round location in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unite Fitness weight loss spa and fitness camp has more to offer than any other live-in fitness program in Dallas. Our pop-up fitness retreats are intense, effective, and a total re-set for body and mind. We offer one week retreats in Dallas, Houston, and Austin Texas annually. If you are looking for longer than a week or would like to get started sooner rather than later, check into our year round facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer weight loss solutions for everyone, no matter what your goals are. Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t only achieved through a few exercises. We want to provide you with the complete package. All of the services in our program were created to make this a possibility.

For starters, our all-inclusive weight loss resort program includes structured fitness, personalized cooking, and healthy eating classes. Things don’t end when you leave our weight loss spa and return to Dallas, as you will four weeks of planning, workouts, and motivation to maintain your healthy lifestyle. For a fitness and weight loss solution that remains effective for a long time, enroll in Unite Fitness weight loss resort.

Weight Loss & Health Resort

The Value of One-on-One Attention

Many people in the process of losing weight are solely focused on the number of pounds they are shedding. That’s not the case at our weight loss resort. We want you to get fit, not just lose weight. This means helping you learn how to shop smarter, eat healthier and identify the triggers that lead to unhealthy actions. At Unite Fitness weight loss spa, you must push yourself and focus more than you ever have before. If you do, it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.

With Unite, you’ll work with people who provide a personal approach to fitness and weight loss. Classes are never larger than 30 participants, which is smaller than many other weight loss resorts. This helps us focus on your specific needs and accelerate the weight loss process.

Our Commitment to Wellness

We might call ourselves a weight loss spa, but Unite Fitness is a lot more than that. We specialize in helping people in Dallas change their lives. At Unite Fitness weight loss resort, we want you to get fit after you lose weight. You will learn to eat healthier, shop better, and pinpoint the triggers that lead to unhealthy habits. The time you spend at Unite Fitness weight loss resort will require you to push yourself and focus more than ever. If you’re able to do what is required of you, it will be the most incredible experience of your life.

We truly pride ourselves on a personalized approach to fitness and weight loss at our weight loss spa. Our boutique retreat believes one size does not fit all. Our modified exercises and programming leads to faster results.

A Weight Loss Resort That Really Works

The purpose of weight loss resorts is to help people get healthy, but that’s not all that you’ll find at Unite Fitness Retreat. Our weight loss spa program will teach you about daily meditation, yoga, stress management, massages, and other things to improve your mental health. With private coaching sessions on a weekly basis, we can help you appreciate life and improve your self-image. All of this will help you get better control over bad habits when you return home.

About Unite Fitness Retreat

Unite Fitness Retreat partners with the Courtyard Marriott for your private guest rooms in Salt Lake City, Utah. At our brand new fitness facility down the street, you’ll find a private gym with the latest exercise equipment. Your room includes plush linens, a personal fridge, free high-speed Internet access, and a 42″ flat screen TV. But the best things about our facility are the trainers and programs that will help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Try a Pop-Up Retreat in Texas

If coming to Salt Lake City is not an option, our pop-up fitness retreat in Dallas may be a fun option. At our retreats, you’ll be grouped with individuals that are striving to achieve the same goals that you are, along with world-class trainers that will help you all get there.

We have a free airport shuttle and travel incentives for out-of-town visitors to our facility. Call us now at 866-589-5615 to plan your trip from Dallas to Salt Lake City to attend our fitness retreat.

“I am beyond thankful I found Unite when I did. My health was really going down hill fast. I not only lost 23 pounds in a month, I feel very confident in my plan at home. Thank you Laird and Matt and team, I am forever grateful. “

-Lisa, Dallas, Texas