Have you been searching for the right weight loss resort near Nevada?  So was one of our recent guests, Melissa.  Instead of staying in Nevada, she decided to make the quick journey to Unite Fitness Retreat.  See her inspiring weight loss story below. 


Melissa visited Unite Fitness Retreat 3 times, she loves attending our weight loss resort as a tune-up annually.  She shares why she choose Unite, the proximity to Nevada was important, however she wanted to be far enough away from home to reduce distractions.  Melissa explains how the pandemic really left her feeling “off” and she began researching weight loss resorts for her reset.  She describes the Unite program as life-changing.  In her exit strategy she wants to focus on nutrition and how to keep the program going when she returns to Nevada.

Attending Unite was the best decision I have made for myself all year.   I loved the hiking, staff, and meals.   This program is life-changing.   – Melissa from Las Vegas, Nevada

*Individual Results Vary

Sample Day at Unite Fitness Retreat

6:00 Metabolism Kickstart (Protein Smoothie)
6:30   Rise and Shine Training
7:30  Breakfast & Learn
8:30  Fat Burn Blast
9:45  Personal Training 
10:45  Break and Snack 
11:00  Water Aerobics or Suspension Training
12:15  Lunch & Nutrition Workshop
1:30  Daily Recreational Outing (hiking, sports, biking, snowshoeing)
4:00  Life-Coaching, Yoga Stretch, or Spa Rejuvenation
6:30   Farm Fresh Dinner & Mindfulness Training
7:30  Personal Time & Relaxation

 Why is a Structured Weight Loss Resort more EFFECTIVE?

One of the biggest draws to our live in program is our structured environment.  You don’t have to worry about planning anything!  At most weight loss resorts you have to plan your day and may come and go as you please. At Unite, our experts map out your wellness program with your specific goals and needs in mind.  Don’t worry, we pencil in time for weekly massages, rejuvenation, and personal time.  Perhaps, you’d like to lose serious weight and you have been searching for a weight loss resort near Nevada or nearby like Melissa.   Sometimes you just need TIME to focus on your health and wellness, allowing for a total mind and body transformation.  Call 866-589-5615 to see if our program is the right fit for you.

Transform your health, body + mind.