Weight Loss Resort Location

//Weight Loss Resort Location

Weight Loss Resort Location

They say in real-estate location is everything.  How does that work for weight loss resorts?  Would you be better suited to stay in your home town and participate in your weight loss program or is it better to get away to get fit?  We’ve done our fair share of research on this topic as long as we’ve been in business.  Psychologically, research has shown, that if you can remove yourself from your typical environment and life stressors, you can make expedited progress.  To us, that makes sense.  Removing daily family and job stress would clear up space to work on yourself, and that’s where the magic happens.  But what weight loss retreat location is BEST?  If you’ve made the initial decision to get away, where should you go?  Some weight loss resorts are secluded away on “Fat Farms” in the middle of nowhere, some weight loss resorts are at luxurious oceanfront properties scattered throughout the world.  Some, like Unite Fitness Retreat are in more of an urban setting, yet minutes to outdoor mountain recreation.

Why attend a Weight Loss Resort in an Urban Setting?

We get asked this question on the phone daily.  Why should I choose an urban setting for my BIG weight loss get-a-way? We say, it’s simple really.  We specifically chose our location based on the concept of LASTING weight loss and healthy living in the REAL WORLD.   With the concept that our location can prepare you for success when you return to your home town.  That means, grocery stores nearby, restaurants nearby, and honestly…Temptations nearby.  If you take these “real life” places out of the mix, the second you see a fast food restaurant or an ice cream parlor, your head may spin with temptation, you may (or may not) have the tools and self-control to walk on by.  Unite Fitness Retreat is located in a urban setting for a reason, we want to prepare you for every temptation you may face with confidence, willpower, and the tools to make smart choices.  Your toolbox will be overflowing with skills because that’s what you’ve been learning every single day at Unite.  How to make this work for the “real world”.  

Grocery Store Tours for Real Life Shopping

Another reason our weight loss resort is located where it is, is simply so we can take you to do “Real life stuff”, like grocery shopping.  You will learn exactly what to shop for, how to read labels, what aisles to avoid, and really so much more.  We even show you how to prepare a healthy salad bar once each week, that you get to whip up and enjoy.  Why?  Because this is a TOOL you can use when you return home.  Grocery store salad bars can be a healthy and wonderful option for a quick lunch before you fill your cart with nutritious food.

A Weight Loss Resort That Takes You Out to Eat?

Yes!  At least once per week, at Unite Fitness we take you out to eat at a restaurant.  Why?  It’s fun to mix it up and be a part of the real world during your journey.  Of course, it’s healthy food and you learn how to order SMART from a menu.  We know this is something you will do when you return home.  Our weight loss resort location makes this hands on education possible and yet again, equips you with a TOOL you will remember for the long term.

An Urban Resort Surrounded by Mountains?

Okay, this may sound to good to be true.  Our weight loss resort is in an amazing urban location, so you get to learn how to live your healthiest life in the “Real World.”  Yet, we are close enough to the mountains that it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away.  You train in a world class gym all morning till lunch, then you get to experience an outdoor hiking and recreation program that is second to none?  How does this sound?  At Unite, we feel a lot like realtors in the sense that we do feel like location is everything and ours is pretty incredible.


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