Say goodbye to San Francisco and hello to your weight loss Retreat journey

Are you looking for a weight loss camp in San Francisco or have you considered getting away to get in shape? No matter which side of the equation you are on, Unite Fitness is the most effective place to reach fitness goals and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss camp before and after

Down 41 Pounds

For starters, our all-inclusive weight loss camp program includes fitness, personalized cooking, and healthy eating classes. In addition, we provide private life coaching and relaxation sessions. Each class is specifically designed to improve bad habits and guide you on the path towards a better life. Our coaching won’t come to a stop after you leave our building. We will give you up to 4 weeks of workout routines, motivational materials, and detailed plans to further your new way of living.

Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

To see where you currently stand, we’ll begin your program with a complete health and fitness assessment. This is a great way to measure your progress as you arrive from San Francisco and move along through the program. You will learn the relationship between body fat percentage, healthy living, and weight. By the end of your weight loss retreat, you can see exactly how much progress you have made.

Our Staff Makes the Difference

Low-impact or high intensity workouts, outdoor recreation, and other forms of exercise are a big part of our weight loss retreat. Variety is healthy and having several different workouts will keep you interested as you reach your fitness goals. These courses are taught by our award winning staff who are focused on helping you have a memorable stay.

The Importance of One-on-One Attention

Unite isn’t merely a weight loss camp; it’s a weight loss retreat. Losing weight isn’t the only goal. We want our San Francisco guests to become healthier. This includes learning how to reduce unhealthy habits, find the healthiest food at the store, and avoid triggers which may lead you back to your old lifestyle. The journey towards a new, better lifestyle won’t be easy. You’ll have to push yourself. But we’ll be there to support and guide you through the process. The struggle will be worth it.

At Unite, we maintain small classes so each participant will receive one-on-one attention. This personal approach puts us above the competition.

Our Commitment to Weight Loss

Lots of people who are trying to lose weight are solely thinking about the number of pounds they are shedding. That’s not the case here. We want to help you get fit, not just lose weight. It definitely won’t be easy. We will help you let go of your unhealthy habits and teach you how to shop better and eat healthier. At Unite Fitness weight loss camp, you will need to work very hard and focus more than you ever have before. Following the steps we provide you can lead to the most rewarding experience of your life.

Experience a personalized approach to fitness when you choose Unite Fitness weight loss camp. You won’t see more than 30 participants in Unite Fitness classes. Personalized attention will allow us to find the most effective way to help you reach your fitness goals as soon as you can.

Unite Fitness Retreat Suite

Our Effective Weight Loss Camp

Sometimes you just need to take a break. At Unite Fitness weight loss camp, we take that very seriously. Each day, we want you to feel energized and free from stress. The Unite Fitness weight loss retreat is comprehensive and includes several classes that are focused on your mind and body. These programs include private life coaching, one-on-one fitness training, cooking classes, and daily yoga and meditation. At our weight loss retreat, you will be given the tools needed to live healthy life today and several years in the future. You will be given up to 4 weeks of workouts, plans, and motivation to make sure this happens when you return home to San Francisco.

About Unite Fitness Retreat

Unite Fitness Retreat can be found in the newly remodeled Courtyard Marriott in Salt Lake City. Our urban retreat features the latest exercise equipment, including executive locker rooms, sauna and steam rooms, a cardio cinema, a swimming pool, and more. Your room includes a 42″ flat screen TV, a personal fridge, free high-speed Internet access, and plush linens. But the best things about our retreat are the trainers and programs that will help you overcome your weight loss challenges.

Why You Should Get Away to Lose Weight

What’s the benefit of flying to Salt Lake City to attend a fitness retreat? There is great power in leaving an environment behind that has led to unhealthy habits and taking yourself to a location where you can give your full attention to your health. Your stay will give you the best of both worlds. We keep groups small to give you personalized attention, yet you will get everything you need to succeed.

Please call us today at 866-589-5615 to learn more about traveling from San Francisco to attend our weight loss retreat in Salt Lake City. We have a free airport shuttle and travel incentives for visitors to our facility