“After watching my weight balloon up, I decided to do something drastic and attend a fitness retreat.”

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Traveling from British Columbia, for his Weight Loss Resort Kick Start

Why leave the comfort of your city, state, or even country to attend a weight loss resort?  Since Graham is from British Columbia, he was looking for a weight loss resort in Canada or the U.S. to reset his health and fitness goals.

He decided to attend for a good deal of time, 10 weeks in order to meet his goal weight.  He accomplished this and so much more while attending Unite Fitness Retreat.  Graham is in his 70’s and after realizing his weight was more than he wanted, he decided to do “something drastic” and attend a weight loss retreat.  After searching online for camps in Canada, he decided to take the plunge and travel to Utah for his kick-start.  His results were incredible!  Graham took his fitness to a whole new level while at Unite, it was inspiring to see.  Watch his story below.

What was Graham looking for in a weight loss retreat?

He was looking for the best place to make big progress towards his fitness and health and he thought Unite had all the components for what he wanted.

  • Strength Training
  • Intense Program
  • A Plan for Home
  • Small Groups
  • Structured Accountability

Transform your health, body + mind.