San Diego’s Fitness Solution

Unite Fitness Retreat is a structured, effective option for those who live in San Diego.  Everyone has different weight loss or fitness goals, which is why we offer diverse services that can produce results for anyone.  Losing weight isn’t only achieved through a couple of exercises. We want to provide you with the complete package. All of the services in our program are designed to make this happen.

As an all-inclusive fitness resort, our guests receive personalized cooking, healthy eating, and fitness classes. And it’s not over when you leave one of our fitness resorts, as you’ll receive up 4 weeks of planning, workouts, and motivation to maintain your healthy lifestyle. For a weight loss solution that remains effective for a long time, try Unite Fitness’ fitness spa.

Weight Loss Camp For Adults

Committed to Wellness

When you visit Unite Fitness, you’ll notice that we are much more than just a fitness resort. We are full of resources that help people change their lives on multiple levels. We want our guests to become healthy, not just losing weight. We will help you learn to make healthy choices regularly and eliminate your unhealthy habits. Becoming healthy is a tough process and you might find yourself in a position where you are ready to give up. We guarantee that the struggle is worth the pain and we will be there to help you overcome the most difficult challenges.

At Unite Fitness’ fitness resort, we maintain small classes so each participant will receive one-on-one training. In fact, you will never find more than 15 people in any class. You won’t be able to find an option in San Diego that will be able to compete with our fitness spa service.

Our Unite Fitness Staff

The fitness spa program is a place where people come from San Diego and all over to change their lives. Our award-winning staff is able to make a big difference as they assist our guests in reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. With a variety of exercise techniques at their disposal, you won’t get stuck in a gym doing the same boring routine over and over.

Fitness & Health Retreat

Our Effective Fitness Resort

The wellness program at Unite Fitness’ fitness resort isn’t solely focused on improving the body. It also features many professional classes that can improve your mental health. Our fitness resort classes include yoga, meditation, stress management, and weekly coaching. They’re designed to stretch your mind and help you improve your self-image. It will also help you have more control over unhealthy habits when your time with us is done.

One-on-One Training

Unite is more than just a fitness spa. We don’t just want you to lose weight; we want you to get fit. You’ll learn to eat healthier, shop better, and identify the triggers that lead to unhealthy habits. The time you spend at Unite Fitness’ fitness resort will require you to push yourself and focus more than ever. It will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

At Unite, we pride ourselves on a personal approach to weight loss.  With smaller classes than other fitness resort, we’re able to offer a more personal approach and accelerated results.