Weight Loss Retreat & Fitness Camp Guests from California

Have you been searching the right fitness camp or weight loss retreat in California to reach fitness or weight loss goals? So were a few of our guests below. We offer Unite Fitness pop up retreats in California and our year round retreat located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have found that getting away to refocus on your health can be extremely effective.

Weight Loss Camp Guest from California

Marcelo shares his “Why” for wanting to attend a weight loss retreat or fitness camp. Marcelo sadly got hurt at work and needed to find a retreat to recover from his injury. He was looking for structure and recovery and a place that could modify the workouts as he had limited mobility at times. He shares with us his desire to be able to run with daughter when he returns home and he can now. He feels like he finally has his life back.

Fitness Camp Guest From California

Seamus from Orange County, California shares about his fitness and weight loss camp experience. He used to be a football coach and used to be very fit. He then got a sales job and began eating and drinking more than he wanted as that was part of his job. He fell into a sedentary life-style which he almost felt like giving up. He shares that joining Unite Fitness Retreat was tough but life-changing. He learned so much about nutrition, weight training, and he’s excited to take it home. He feels great about losing weight and a confidence that this is going to work long term.

Weight Loss Resort Guest From California

Laura from California shares a little about her weight loss experience at Unite Fitness. She lost 26 pounds in a month, she shares that the staff was extremely supportive. She shares that the program changed her life in many ways and she was able to get out of the negative space she felt like she was in prior to attending Unite Fitness Retreat.

Let’s Make It Happen

Have you been searching for the best fitness camp or weight loss retreat in California? Maybe it’s time you got away and really made your goals happen.

“The Unite team is incredible, this program truly changed my life.”

Laura Marco

Southern California