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Eat Well

Fueling your body at Unite Fitness Retreat is a pleasurable experience as we practice our philosophy of mindful eating.

You will increase your metabolic rate by consuming frequent healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.  Our clients never go hungry and actually achieve faster results than obsessive calorie counting and restrictive dieting.

‘Lunch and Learns’ with Chef-Prepared Farm Fresh CuisineWeight Loss Camp Education

Chef Daniel and Chef Page create perfectly proportioned, wholesome meals each day.  Their love for healthy, real ingredients are found in each bite you take.

Each of your meals and snacks are prepared for you with care and consideration of any and all dietary restrictions, food allergies, and your energy needs.  We can accommodate vegetarian diets, gluten free, dairy free, food allergies, and limited Kosher eating styles.  Portion control, healthy whole foods, and the proper timing of our meals and snacks make for a delicious dining experience.

While you are enjoying your meal in our private dining area, you will be taught everything you need to know about proper nutrition by our certified nutritionist and guest educators.  This casual setting allows for questions and answers, relaxed conversation, and a wealth of knowledge to continue your new life-style at home.  In case you need a reminder, we have handouts prepared for you to stick in your handbook to take home with you.

Weight Loss Camp Activity

SMART Dining Out

Learning how to make healthy choices when dining out is extremely important because that’s what we do in the real world!  Once a week, we take the group out to lunch or dinner at a local restaurant for a fun, educational, and delicious experience.

Cooking ClassesCooking Class at Unite Fitness Retreat

Each week, you get to be the chef at Harmon’s cooking school or with our own Chef Dan.  Learn healthy cooking techniques you can re-create in your own kitchen.  You’ll be given an apron, a knife, guided instruction, and ingredients to create a delicious meal.  What would a fitness camp or weight loss retreat be without cooking classes?  Learning to prepare healthy food is important, it’s going to be a part of your journey at home.

Grocery Store ToursGrocery Store Tour at Unite Fitness Retreat

There is no better way to understand how to fill your pantry and stock your frig than going to the grocery store.  Learn what to have on hand at all times, how to read labels, aisles to completely avoid, how to build a healthy salad from the salad bar, and much more.  Of course, we’d love to keep you at camp forever, but I’m sure your family and friends wouldn’t appreciate that!  So, instead, we’ll prepare you for when you go home from the start.  A weekly grocery store tour will take a lot of the guesswork away when it comes time to shop at home.

Sample Daily Fitness & Weight Loss Camp Menu

Early morning snack:Protein fruit smoothie
Breakfast:Egg white omelette with tomato and feta with a side of fruit
Late Morning snack:Fruit, string cheese, almonds
Lunch:Mediterranean salad or whole wheat flatbread with tomatoes, roasted chicken, olives, and arugula
Mid afternoon snack:Protein bar, or fruit and either peanut butter or nuts
Dinner:Steamed veggies with dill baked salmon and quinoa or oven roasted red potatoes and lemon pepper chicken breast, with a leafy green dinner salad

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