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Kick-start your goals with Unite’s ALL-INCLUSIVE fitness and weight loss camp for adults.

Are you searching for a structured weight loss and health retreat or a fitness boot camp with an emphasis on serious, life-long results? Have you decided it’s time to make a big change in your life and feel you are ready to immerse yourself into a healthy life-style in a supportive environment?  Are you ready to start looking and feeling your best?  If so,

Unite Fitness Retreat is for you.

Our fitness retreat is not a free-for-all like most camps, especially overcrowded weight loss resorts.  Unite offers a personalized approach to wellness as our experts map out your fitness & health plan and work alongside you to meet your goals.  Our proven, science based program focuses on long term results and sustainability as well as changing your mindset and unhealthy habits.  The Unite Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat is all about creating a fit, happy, healthy YOU for life.

“I am grateful to Unite for my kick-start, I am leaving camp much lighter, stronger, and energized…And I can’t stop smiling.  I feel so good, like I have been totally renewed from the inside out.”   – Jess from Texas


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How is Unite Different from other Weight Loss & Fitness Camps?

Our comprehensive boutique fitness camp for adults ensures the best weight loss results in an accelerated amount of time.  At Unite Fitness Retreat, there are no fad diets and no gimmicks– Just full days of energizing fitness classes, amazing recreation, delicious meals, rejuvenation, education, and the tools to continue your new life-style at home.  Click on the icons below to learn more.

Small Group Sizes

Never more than 15 guests at one time so we can focus on each guest as an individual. We will modify and customize your workouts, your meals, and even your education.
The friendly boutique setting at Unite allows for personalized attention, meaning accelerated progress.  Why is this important?  You’ll NEVER be lost in the shuffle, you will experience one-on-one attention from trainers, coaches, nutritionists, and support staff and your program is individualized for your fitness level and desired goals.

Real-Life Education

There is more than just fitness classes and activities at Unite. Work privately with our life-coaches and nutritionists to understand how to create new healthy habits.
Our nutrition program is hands-on to maximize long-term success. Our chefs creates mouth-watering meals, we take you out to dinner and teach you how to make SMART choices while dining out. We provide you with cooking classes, grocery store tours, and daily nutritional education. You’ll also work privately with our life-coaches to understand how your behavior (and mindset) affects your health and wellness.


Unite is not a free-for-all, like most weight loss camps and large weight loss spa resorts. Our structured daily schedule is key to the success of our program and your results.
When you come to Unite, it’s not a free-for-all. We keep you on a structured daily schedule to maximize your time and your success. Don’t worry, we pencil in enough time for weekly massages and daily rejuvenation!  You’ll be working out alongside motivating, certified personal trainers with over 50 years of combined personal training experience.

Amazing Recreation

Our fitness resort is located at the foot of the incredible Wasatch Mountains in beautiful Salt Lake City.

We take you outside every afternoon to enjoy fresh air and numerous outdoor activities, like guided hikes and trail walking. Our fitness resort is located at the foot of the incredible Wasatch Mountains in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Voted the 3rd healthiest and happiest state in the U.S. according to Prevention Magazine. There is no better place to feel serenity and learn to live a healthier life-style!

Serious Results

This is your chance to get your health, fitness, and weight back on track and start feeling and looking your best.
Isn’t that what you are looking for? A place to get your habits back on track, take a time-out, and start feeling and looking your best.  Unite is a health retreat like no other, we are results-driven, while focusing on the whole person.

Best Value Online

Our program is 100% all-inclusive, no add-on services or extra purchases means no worries for you.

At Unite, everything you’ll need to fully participate in the program is included, from massages to training, life-coaching to cooking classes, lodging and all activities. We want you to focus on your health and not on finances while participating in our all-inclusive retreat.

Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

People travel from all over the globe to attend Unite Fitness Retreat, uniting together to get fit and healthy.  The beauty of our boutique camp is that we get to know each and every person who walks through our doors uniquely.  Our camp is a no-nonsense boot camp retreat experience, however, we pencil in time for rejuvenation and much needed relaxation.   In a nutshell, the top three reasons you’ll love Unite Fitness Retreat:

  • When we say all-inclusive, we mean it.  We are the ONLY completely all-inclusive program in the country, where EVERYTHING you need once you are at camp is included.
  • We customize the program to fit YOU, you will get the attention you need and deserve.
  • Structure, structure, structure.  You will succeed because every detail of your program is organized: From workouts to meals, massages to life-coaching, it’s all planned for you.
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