Your Weight Loss Retreat

Are you ready to change the state of your health and fitness?  Looking for a structured and highly effective weight loss camp to get back on track?  Each day, we want you to feel energized and free from stress.  Your mind and body are both targeted in our weight loss classes.  Unite Fitness Retreat offers week long pop-up retreats in Texas and other parts of the country.  Please inquire for our next retreat in your neck of the woods.  If you are interested in starting right away or thinking about a longer stay, please check out our year round facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

These programs include one-on-one fitness training, cooking classes, daily yoga and meditation, and private life coaching. You will learn how to make major improvements today that can benefit your life for a very long time. With personalized fitness, motivation, and workouts, you will get everything you need to accomplish this.  Perhaps you’ve been searching for a weight loss camp in Houston, but we’ve found (and our guests agree), that it’s really best to get away from every day distractions.

As an all-inclusive weight loss retreat, we teach personalized cooking, healthy eating, and fitness classes.  Also, you will also find private life-coaching and relaxation sessions. These classes will help you start living a better, healthier, and happier life. Lifestyle support doesn’t end after you’ve left our weight loss camp. We provide you with four weeks of workouts, motivational materials, and detailed plans to further your healthy way of living.

Reaching Your Weight Loss GoalsWeight loss camp before and after

Your weight loss camp starts with a comprehensive fitness assessment.  Having a starting point is extremely valuable for setting goals and seeing how your work is paying off.  This allows us to better help our guests have a better understanding of the connection between weight, body fat percentage, and healthy living.  Ember, from Houston, knew she needed to get out of Texas and get away to lose the weight and her results speak for themselves.

Our Award-Winning Staff

To make sure you reach your fitness goals, you’ll work with our incredible staff. If you are looking into joining the weight loss retreat at Unite Fitness, you probably are looking for a way to get into better shape. You may have been dealing with health and self-esteem problems for a long time and are ready to make some changes in your life. Whether it is outdoor recreation, low-impact workouts, or another exercise technique, we will find the right ingredients to make a part of your weight loss camp and to help you get in shape and lose weight.

With Unite, you’ll work with people who provide a personal approach to fitness and weight loss. Classes are never larger than 30 participants, which is smaller than many other weight loss retreats.  This helps us focus on your specific needs and accelerate the weight loss process.

Committed to Weight Loss

The weight loss camp at Unite Fitness allows people to make the necessary changes to totally change their lives. We want our Houston guests to become healthy, not just losing weight. This means learning how to eliminate unhealthy choices, find the best food for you when you are shopping, and avoid the triggers which could cause a relapse to your old way of life. Becoming healthy is a difficult process and you might find yourself in a position where you are ready to give up. We promise that the struggle is worth the pain and we’ll be there to help you overcome your most difficult challenges.

At Unite Fitness weight loss retreat, we maintain small classes so each participant will be treated to one-on-one attention.  This approach places us above our competition.  Our holistic approach has helped thousands of people from all over the world, including Texas and we’d love to help you.  Cal today, 866-589-5615.