Looking for a weight loss camp in Dallas?

The Unite weight loss retreat program is a place where people come from Dallas and all over the country come to change their lives. Our unique and trusted program follows an individualized approach to weight loss and fitness and amazing results follow.

About Our Weight Loss Camp

When it comes to weight loss camps, Unite Fitness Retreat has the very most to offer. No matter what weight loss goals you set in Dallas, we can offer solutions for you. For Unite Fitness, it isn’t just about getting you through a handful of new exercises each day; it’s about getting rid of bad habits and changing your life for the better. All of the services in our program were created to make this a possibility.

With our comprehensive weight loss retreat, you get personalized cooking, healthy eating, and fitness classes. Things don’t end when you leave one of our weight loss camp, as you’ll get 4 weeks of planning, workouts, and motivation to maintain your healthy lifestyle. For a fitness and weight loss solution that really works, enroll in Unite Fitness weight loss retreat. Check out Elsa’s video testimonial, she traveled from Texas to attend our retreat, her story in inspiring!

A Personalized Weight Loss Retreat

Unite isn’t merely a weight loss camp; it’s a weight loss retreat. Losing weight isn’t the only goal. We want our guests to become healthier. This includes learning how to reduce unhealthy habits, find the healthiest food at the store, and avoid triggers which may lead you back to your old lifestyle. The journey towards a new, better lifestyle won’t be easy. You’ll have to push yourself. But we’ll be there to support and guide you through the process and offer extra help when you are home in Dallas. Call us to learn how we can customize a program to fit your unique needs, 866-589-5615.

At Unite, we maintain small classes, never more than 30 guests, so each participant will receive one-on-one attention. This personal approach puts us above the competition.

Unite Fitness Retreat Gym

The Right Way to Lose Weight

A comprehensive fitness and health assessment is the first thing that you will experience. This serves the purpose of helping you keep track of how much progress you’re making during your program. Then, we’ll teach you about weight, body fat percentage, and healthy living and help you start making positive lifestyle changes.

About Unite Fitness Retreat

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. At our sprawling facility, you’ll find a beautiful home base and private gym .re of the most effective exercise equipment. While these perks are nice, what will really stand out is the one-on-one attention you’ll receive to help you defeat challenges and get fit.

Why Salt Lake City?

Why should you come to Salt Lake City to attend a weight loss retreat rather than trying alternatives in Dallas? This is the perfect way to leave everything that has led you to unhealthy choices and begin on a new journey. Your experience will provide you with the best of both worlds. We maintain small groups to offer personalized attention, yet you’ll get all that you need to succeed.

Unite Fitness Retreat Camp

To schedule your trip from Dallas to Salt Lake City to attend our weight loss retreat, call us today. We offer travel incentives for out-of-town participants and a free airport shuttle. Call 866-589-5615 for availability.