Brooklyn Weight Loss Retreat

Unite Fitness weight loss retreat has more to offer than any other weight loss program in Brooklyn. No matter what your weight loss goals are, we can offer solutions for you. Being fit isn’t only achieved through a couple of exercises. We want to provide you with the complete package.

As an all-inclusive weight loss camp, we teach healthy eating, fitness, and personalized cooking classes. Things don’t end when you leave our weight loss camp, as you’ll receive planning, workouts, and motivation to maintain your healthy lifestyle in Brooklyn. It won’t be easy, but with Unite Fitness weight loss retreat, your weight loss goals are achievable.

Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

All of our program participants are guided through a complete health and fitness assessment. This is a great way to see your progress as you move along through your program. We’ll teach you about the relationship between healthy living, weight, and body fat percentage. These principles will help you make great progress from your starting point.

The Weight Loss Retreat Staff

Our Brooklyn weight loss camp features low-impact workouts, outdoor recreation, and other forms of exercise. Variety is a huge part of making a healthy lifestyle fun and effective. You will work with our award-winning staff, who has the skills to help you reach your fitness goals.

Smaller Classes Equal Faster Results

Many people in the process of losing weight are solely focused on the number of pounds they are shedding. That’s not the case at our weight loss camp. We want you to get fit, not just lose weight. This means helping you learn how to shop smarter when you go home to Brooklyn, eat healthier and identify the triggers that lead to unhealthy actions. This won’t be easy. At Unite Fitness weight loss camp, you must push yourself and focus more than you ever have before. If you do, it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.

With Unite, you’ll work with people who provide a personal approach to fitness and weight loss. Classes are never larger than 30 participants, which is smaller than many other weight loss retreats. This helps us focus on your specific needs and accelerate the weight loss process.

We’re Committed to Fitness

Unite Fitness is more than just a weight loss camp; it’s an open door to help people in Brooklyn change their lives. We don’t only want you to lose weight; we want to help you get fit. We’re able to do this by helping you learn to eat healthier, shop better, and identify the triggers of unhealthy habits. Your time at Unite Fitness weight loss retreat will make you push yourself and focus more than you have previously. We truly hope that it will be one of the most rewarding and productive choices of your life.

Unite Fitness weight loss retreat offers a more personal approach than other options in Brooklyn. Our boutique experience can not be beat.  With smaller classes than other weight loss camp, we’re able to offer a more personal approach and accelerated results.

About Unite Fitness Retreat

Located in Salt Lake City, Unite Fitness Retreat has all you need in a fitness resort, a beautiful private gym, a dedicated home base with common areas, a private dining room and yoga room. But the real highlight is that you will get the personalized attention needed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Why Salt Lake City?

Why should you leave Brooklyn to attend a fitness retreat in Salt Lake City? It’s the only way that you can completely leave behind the factors that have led you to living an unhealthy life. At our fitness retreat, you’ll be grouped with individuals that are working to achieve the same goals that you are, in addition to world-class trainers that will help you all get there.

Please contact us now for more information about traveling from Brooklyn to attend our weight loss retreat in Salt Lake City, UT. Unite Fitness Retreat offers travel incentives for out-of-town participants and free transportation to and from the Salt Lake International Airport.