Unite Fitness: Your Weight Loss Solution, Pop-Up Retreat in Los Angeles

Whether you are wanting to attend a weight loss retreat in Los Angeles or just need to learn more about your options in other areas, Unite Fitness Weight Loss Retreat can help you change your lifestyle, not just your exercise habits.  We offer one week pop-up retreats in Los Angeles for intense exercise and serious rejuvenation.  Our year round retreat is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

We manage an all-inclusive weight loss retreat program focusing on one-on-one fitness, healthy eating and cooking classes, relaxation, and private life coaching.  All of our classes work to change your habits and lifestyle.  Your personalized coaching doesn’t end when your time is done at our weight loss camp and you return to Los Angeles.  We provide you with four weeks of workouts after leaving, motivation, and step-by-step planning to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

When Results Matter…The Right Way to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Camp Success Story

Danny Lost 200 Pounds!

To see where you currently stand, every program begins with a complete health and fitness assessment. This is a simple way to see your progress as you advance through your program. You will learn the relationship between healthy living, weight, and body fat percentage. This information combined with our programs will help you make great progress from where you started.

One-on-One Weight Loss Retreat

Unite isn’t merely a weight loss retreat; it’s a weight loss and wellness camp. Losing weight isn’t the only goal. We want our guests to become healthier from the inside out.   This includes learning how to reduce unhealthy habits, find the healthiest food at the store, and avoid triggers which may lead you back to your old lifestyle. The journey towards a new, better lifestyle won’t be easy. You’ll have to push yourself. But we’ll be there to support and guide you through the process. The struggle will be worth it.

We’re Committed to Weight Loss

When you come to Unite Fitness, you will notice that we are much more than just a weight loss camp. We have many resources that allow people to change their lives on multiple levels. Weight loss isn’t our only objective. We want our guests from Los Angeles to become healthier. We will help you learn to make healthy choices regularly and eliminate your unhealthy choices. The work required for a new, healthier lifestyle isn’t easy. You’ll have to stay focused and push yourself. We guarantee that the struggle is worth the pain and we will be there to help you overcome your most difficult challenges.

About Unite Fitness Retreat

With no more than 30 participants in our classes, you’ll always get the personalized training you deserve. This approach places us ahead the competition.

Fitness Camp Cardio

Our year round retreat is located in Salt Lake City, Unite Fitness Retreat is inside the newly-remodeled downtown Marriott.  At our massive gym, you will find a cardio cinema, sauna and steam rooms, a swimming pool, executive locker rooms, and more of the most effective exercise equipment. While the perks are amazing, what will really stand out is the one-on-one attention you will receive to help you overcome challenges and lose weight.

Why Salt Lake City?

Why should you select a fitness retreat in Salt Lake City or a pop-up weight loss retreat in Los Angeles?  This is the ideal way to leave everything behind that has led you to unhealthy choices and commence on a new journey. At our retreat, you will be grouped with people that are working to achieve the same goals that you are, along with world-class trainers that will help you all get there.

Unite Fitness Retreat offers travel incentives for visitors and free shuttle to and from the Salt Lake International Airport. Contact us today to schedule your trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to attend our retreat or visit us in your neck of the woods for our next pop-up fitness retreat.