Are you searching for a way to make attending a weight loss retreat more affordable?
Take a moment to fill out our scholarship application.  You may get a little help to pay for part of your program costs.


 Our ultimate goal is to make attending our weight loss retreat a reality for everyone.

  Our  hope is for everyone who truly wants to attend our program be able to, regardless of finances.  The Unite Scholarship Program was created with the intention to make this a reality.  Together, with our partners, alumni, and owners, we have created a fund to provide scholarships to very deserving guests.

In 2020, Unite gave out over $30,000 in scholarship funds.  In 2021, we hope to double that.

 The scholarships awarded are based on length of stay, other discounts one may qualify for, and success with other financing options.  We also ask a couple of questions to better understand how attending Unite will impact your future.

To learn more, apply, or donate to the Unite Scholarship Program, please call 866-589-5615