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 How We Pay it Forward

  Our ultimate hope is for everyone who truly wants to attend our program be able to, regardless of finances.  The Unite Scholarship Program was created with the intention to make this a reality.  Each year, we offer a complimentary 4 week stay to one very deserving guest.  Our own alumni choose the winner each year and with the generosity of our staff, partners, and alumni, together, we can help change a life!  Our dream is to offer more scholarships, because the need is there.

How it works?

  • Participants submit a video (less than 3 minutes long)  making his or her case of why they should be the next recipient of the Unite Scholarship.  Why should you be selected?  What is your story?  How will attending Unite change your life?
  • Our staff chooses the top two applicants and our alumni vote for the winner.
  • Once the winner is announced he/she can select any start date they wish within that year.
  • To donate to the scholarship fund, please call 866-589-5615

Outstanding Guest Results (Results Vary)

  • Before and After Weight loss retreat photo
    Lost 50 Pounds at Unite, 20 more at home