A Change in the Weight Loss Resort Industry

The weight loss resort industry is changing.  When weight loss resorts first popped up some 30 years ago, the focus was on spa treatments and pampering, juicing, and maybe a little exercise here and there.

Now, you’ve got a variety of weight loss resorts to choose from, some still focus on the spa and rejuvenation aspect and others focus more on total wellness.  With the “Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Weight Loss” television programs, boot camp style weight loss resorts started popping up with some accepting hundreds of guests at their resort at a time with very little personal attention or structure.  Those type of weight loss resorts offer a more “one size fits all” mentality.  Currently on the market, you have a wide variety of options including large weight loss resorts, luxury weight loss resorts, affordable weight loss resorts, with many different inclusions and options.

Weight Loss Resorts in the Past Decade

The real shift with weight loss resorts was about ten years ago.  Smaller, more intimate weight loss resorts have taken over the majority of the market with a wide variety of pricing, inclusions, locations, and style.  Most people find that in order to make real progress in an accelerated amount of time, they need a program that is structured for absolutely the best results.  Camps like, Unite Fitness Retreat have dominated the market because of the personalized approach to total wellness.  More and more people are wanting smaller size programs with less focus on the location and more focus on effectiveness and making big changes.

The Pricing Structure for Weight Loss Resorts has Shifted

Many years ago, the only option you had if you wanted to get away to lose weight was to spend over $5000/week at a luxury weight loss spa.  Today, the pricing for for weight loss resorts has shifted a great deal to accommodate more people.  Affordable weight loss resorts are becoming the norm, with average costs between $2000-$3500 per week.  Many weight loss resorts are able to make their programs more affordable by partnering with hotels and resorts instead of having their own stand alone resort.    The higher priced options are still around, but the middle of the road, or lower priced options make attending a weight loss resort a reality for more people.

The 10 Most Important Things Weight Loss Resorts Must Have

The very best weight loss resorts today in the United States must have:

  • Structure to the program
  • A small, boutique style setting
  • A private chef with private dining area
  • Nutritional education and cooking classes
  •  Life-Coaching or counseling
  • Spa and rejuvenation
  • Stress-Management and mindfulness exercises
  • Daily access to nature and the outdoors
  • Professional and caring Staff
  • Comfortable, clean, and private lodging
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