Fitness Resort Tip Sugar Free Valentine?

By Unite Fitness Retreat Dietician, Brooke Bouwhuis, RDN

Valentine’s Day statistics are astounding.  A quick google search for the most romantic day of the year shows American’s spend more than 27 billion on the holiday.  We buy for our partners, kids, friends, teachers and even pets.

The majority of our moola goes to jewelry, a lovely evening out, clothing, $2.4 billion on candy, flowers and cards.  It’s concerning.

Arguing that love and appreciation doesn’t need a particular day to be celebrated; it’s hype and hubbub is a direct result of the retail industry trying to get their hands on our wallets.

We happen to love the sweet treats that are coupled with this holiday.  Chocolate dipped strawberries, decadent desserts, boxes of delicious chocolates and that same Reese’s Peanut Butter cup we see in the shape of a pumpkin, ghost, Christmas tree or heart is sure to be even more delicious when it’s a seasonal shape.

These treats are no longer just occasional things to enjoy.  They are being marketed and sold to us all year long with small tweaks and adjustments to make them seasonal, holiday specific all while encouraging consumption.

The average American eats almost 150 pounds of sugar per year.  On a day to day basis, we eat almost ½ pound of sugar per person per day!  We love this fluffy white powder and any excuse to enjoy it – especially on a holiday!

What would happen if we changed our focus for this holiday?

A way to stand against the barrage of sugar that is so prevalent in our environment.  Some tips to show your Valentine love without sugar:  Place heart shaped coupons on your Child’s bedroom door to get out of weekly jobs, extra 5 minutes of screen time, an adventure to a rope course, climbing gym, recreation center for swimming or skating, movie tickets or a trip to the book store to find something new and amazing the school or city library has yet to stock.

Grown up suggestions begin with the conversation about how the holiday actually serves you.  If you love it celebrate it.  If it drives you nuts don’t fuel the fire.  If you are celebrating realize that every time we turn around we are celebrating something and time after time spent enjoying the “season” the calories do add up.

Flowers are simply solid, chose to dine out where you are able to make a mindful choice about how that meal will serve you, couples’ massages or outdoor adventures you hadn’t considered may be a fun way to connect and create memories.  Stargazing in a dark zone, hiking a local trail you haven’t been on in a while, snowshoeing, axe throwing, cross country skiing, tubing, a simple walk in the park or signing up for a fitness resort together are a few chocolate free ideas. 😊

Retailers make bank on our hard-earned dollars.  It is a very personal choice as to where to spend those dollars.  Spend where it serves you, be aware of how much pressure advertising plays on our decisions and do what best helps you achieve your health goals!

By Published On: February 6, 2020Categories: Blog