Before and After Weight Loss Boot Camp Success
Before and After Weight Loss Boot Camp Success

Lost 20 Pounds at Unite

Betsy came to visit us all the way from Minnesota.  She came to Unite Fitness Retreat for a four week habit changer to get out of the routine of unhealthy patterns that were harming her.  She packed up and left Minnesota for a wellness experience that ultimately would do more than just change her weight.  She was looking for a weight loss retreat that would embrace the concept of changing her mindset, and found that the changes were magnificent.  Betsy says:

“I have learned a lot..I have learned about my mind, my body, food, and certainly about exercise…But, I’ve also learned self love and I’ll never forget this experience.”

Check out Betsy’s video testimonial below:

What unhealthy habits do you want to ditch?

  • Not getting enough sleep?
  • Eating too much sugar?
  • Drinking too much wine in the evening?
  • Skipping breakfast and lunch and eating a huge, unhealthy dinner- followed by snacks all evening?
  • Too much fast food?
  • Too little stress-management?
  • Too much soda?
  • To little self care?

Perhaps you see yourself in Betsy’s shoes, searching for a way to reset your thinking and your mindset so you can live your healthiest life.  If so, we’d love to talk more about how our fitness camp may be just what you’re looking for.

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