Weight Loss Fitness Camp

A question we get weekly, are you guys a fat farm?

Are there still “fat farms” in the U.S.? Well, yes and no.

“Fat farm” is an informal term that was historically used to describe weight loss or fitness retreats or camps, often in a somewhat derogatory manner. These places back in the day were typically designed to help people lose weight through a very restrictive and unhealthy diet and way too much unsafe exercise, usually on a ranch or farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere- So no one could sneak food or run away, ha! Things have changed in the past 20 years in terms of fat farms and what fitness and weight loss retreats look like in 2024.

The term “fat farm” has fallen out of favor due to its negative connotations. Today, the more appropriate and respectful terms used for such establishments are “weight loss retreats,” “fitness camps,” or “wellness resorts.” That’s where Unite Fitness Retreat fits in. We call ourselves a “boutique fitness & weight loss retreat”–We are not in the middle of nowhere, nor are we on a farm. Think of a more urban, mountainous setting.

Nowadays weight loss retreats and fitness camps focus on promoting healthy lifestyle changes through a combination of physical activities, nutritional guidance, educational sessions, and emotional support. They aim to help individuals not only lose weight but also adopt healthier habits that can be sustained long-term. The emphasis now is on long term wellness, not quick starvation fixes or “magic pills”.

Weight loss resorts offer a structured program tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, often with a team of professionals including fitness trainers, nutritionists, life-coaches and a special type of group comradery. Life-style shifts are now the focus.

The shift from the term “fat farm” to more positive and empowering language reflects a greater emphasis on overall well-being, lifestyle changes, and creating a supportive environment for individuals seeking to improve their health and fitness. Are you searching for a change in your health? Have you tried everything and the scale just isn’t budging. Call us at 866-589-5615, perhaps we can help.