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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking a Weight Loss Retreat or Fitness Vacation

Now more than ever, it seems there a lot of options for “live-in”  wellness, weight loss, and fitness programs.  One could pick a relaxing wellness & yoga adventure in Tulum, Mexico, or a “fat camp” in Houston, Texas, bunking up with fellow campers and working the farm during the day to lose weight.

There are several award winning weight loss spas all over the country touting rejuvenating massages, spa cuisine, luxurious accommodations, and choose your own fitness classes.  There are also smaller, boutique-style fitness camps like Unite Fitness Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah that focus on effectiveness and long term results.  How do you decide which fitness camp, weight loss retreat, or wellness get-a-way is right for you?  The choices may seem daunting.

 Ask yourself these seven questions before deciding where to go, making the best choice for your health is important!

  1. How much structure do I want?  Do you want to be able to pick and choose what you do each day or do you want the program organized for you?
  2. How much individualized attention do I want?  Do you want accountability to show up each day or would you prefer to blend in with hundreds of other guests?
  3. What types of fitness activities are offered?  Is it all in the gym or all on the beach?  Do you get to hike?  Do you workout indoors, outdoors, or both?   Is it the same schedule everyday?  How many participants are in each class?  Is personal training offered?
  4. What size of program do I want?  Are you wanting a boutique health retreat (again, with more individualized attention) or do you like the idea of a large resort experience with higher end lodging (but less personalized care)?
  5. What is my focus?  Wellness & rejuvenation, fitness & weight loss, managing stress & learning new habits, or would you prefer “all of the above?”
  6. How much money do I want to spend?  Are there ad-on purchases needed once I arrive?  Is the fitness camp all-inclusive or will I be spending more than I anticipated?
  7. How far do I want to travel?  Do you want to stay local or is getting away (sometimes far away) the best choice for your fitness/weight loss/wellness goals?

Remember, these are just a few questions to ask yourself (and the resort or retreat represenatives) prior to attending a weight loss resort or fitness camp, spa, or “fat camp”.  Just make sure to do your due diligence and ask the right questions so you know exactly what to expect, after all, taking time out of your life to focus on your health is a big decision, one that can transform the course of your life.


By Published On: January 9, 2017Categories: Blog