Extreme Fitness Solution for New York Residents

Unite Fitness is the place to go if you want to leave New York City and join a fitness spa. Unite Fitness Retreat doesn’t just change your exercise habits, we change your lifestyle.

We manage an all-inclusive fitness resort program. Unite Fitness will provide you with counseling, one-on-one fitness, healthy eating and cooking classes, private life coaching, relaxation, and much more. All of our classes work to change your habits and lifestyle. Your personalized coaching doesn’t stop when your time is done at our fitness resort. You’ll receive 4 weeks of step-by-step planning, motivation, and workouts to continue your healthy lifestyle in New York City.

Fitness Resort

Most fitness programs center on getting people into shape, but the Unite system doesn’t stop there. Our fitness resort can also help you exercise your mind with daily meditation, yoga, stress management, massages, and other programs. Improve your self-image and appreciate life with private coaching sessions on a weekly basis. These services can help you further your healthy lifestyle after you’ve returned home. Many of our New York guests opt for our new Unite Lofts for their lodging, the modern space is the perfect home away from home for your fitness spa retreat.

The Fitness Spa Staff

People come from all over to Unite Fitness’ fitness spa because they have made the choice to change the way they are living. Our team is what helps make this possible. They have received many prestigious awards, as they have helped our patrons with everything they need to reach their fitness goals. With a variety of exercise techniques at their disposal, you won’t get stuck in a gym doing the same boring routine again and again.

Weight Loss & Health Resort

Smaller Classes Equal Faster Results

We truly pride ourselves on a personal approach to wellness at our fitness resort. We never place more than 30 participants at our boutique size fitness retreat. Not only does this lead to more one-on-one time with your instructors, but it will also allow you to see results much sooner.

At Unite Fitness’ fitness resort, we want you to lose weight and get fit. We can help you learn healthier eating strategies and identify what’s causing your unhealthy habits. We really hope that it will be one of the most rewarding and productive choices you’ve ever made.

We’re Committed to Wellness & Fitness

When you come to Unite Fitness, you’ll notice that we are much more than a fitness spa. We are full of resources that allow people from New York City to change their lives at every level. We want to take our guests beyond losing weight to become healthy. This includes learning how to eliminate unhealthy choices, find the best food for you when you are shopping, and avoid the triggers which may cause a relapse to your old lifestyle. Becoming healthy is a tough process and you might find yourself in a position where you want quit. We promise that the struggle is worth it and we will be there to help you overcome the most difficult challenges.

At our boutique fitness resort, you will always get the personalized attention you need. You won’t be able to find an option in New York City that will be able to compete with our fitness spa service. Call 866-589-5615 so we can customize your spa fitness retreat today!

Unite Fitness Retreat Gym