This is one of the most common questions we get asked, and for good reason.  Everyone makes progress at camp, it’s inevitable.  You have fitness trainers guiding your exercise, you have chefs preparing perfectly proportioned meals, you have a therapist working with you to combat stress and change behaviors- How can you not succeed while in this structured atmosphere?

The biggest goal we have as a fitness and health business is making sure we equip each person who walks through our doors with the TOOLS they need to make lasting changes.  You will learn a lot, you will make new habits and ditch old habits, you will create a new roadmap for your health.  We also help you create a very effective plan for home before you leave.  So, will you regain the weight once you stop working out for 5 + hours each day?  Our statistics show that about 89% of our guests MAINTAIN or LOSE MORE weight in the following year after leaving Unite, we are proud of that statistic.