We can tell you until we are blue in the face why you should come here, we can throw all kinds of flashy marketing at you or we could even hire some paid spokespersons to lure you in with their celebrity status.  I would rather share with you the stories of our past guests and let them speak for what can be accomplished here at Unite.

We don’t pay people to say anything about us and we don’t offer them an incentive to tell us about their stay here and most of the time we don’t even have to ask them to tell us about the program on-camera, they are excited to share what they were able to accomplish here and ask us if they can give us a testimonial about their experience!  I want to introduce all of you to a couple of the men who came to Unite wanting a change in their lives, here are Ive and Keith:


“Second chance at a First Class life.”

Ive came to us at 60 years old with diabetes, high blood pressure, and 150 pounds overweight with inflammation throughout his body and blood sugar that was completely out of whack.




‘I feel like a new man.”

Keith came to us from Nova Scotia and lost 60 pounds with our amazing trainers and found, to his shock,  that our food is actually good; I am pretty sure he thought he was going to be eating raw vegetables and broth for four weeks!  He left with the confidence and the tools to continue on his weight loss journey in the gym as well as the kitchen.