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No matter your fitness level, age, ability, and goals- Our proven science-based program will work for you.

A Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat Customized for You

At Unite, we customize the program to fit your needs and goals.  We modify your workouts so you get the maximum caloric burn every day for your body.  If you need more or less calories, we adjust your meals. If  you need motivation to show up in the morning, we give you a friendly wake up call, if you need accountability to push yourself, we’ll be there to help you reach your potential.  At Unite, you will find a team of experts that care deeply and truly get to know each and every guest.

Unite Fitness Retreat is designed to be a kick-start towards helping you achieve optimal fitness, weight loss, and overall wellness results.  Unite is a program unlike any other, our holistic and effective approach has helped thousands of people from all walks of life transform their health.

At Unite, we focus on three pillars at our weight loss and fitness camp to prepare you incredible results and lasting success:

Healthy Nutrition

Prior to starting your fitness camp, you will undergo a comprehensive health and fitness evaluation.  This provides progressive baseline stats for monitoring improvement during your fitness journey.  Testing Includes:

  • Health History Assessment
  • Abdominal Plank Test
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Resting Blood Pressure
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Full Body Measurements
  • Waist Circumference
  • Weight
  • BMI Testing
  • Weekly Weigh-In & Measurements
  • Before and After Photo
  • Timed Fitness Challenges 

Fitness Retreat Training

  #1 Structured Fitness Training

The small group setting at Unite will allow for more personalized attention, which will result in accelerated progress, setting you up to lose the maximum amount of weight in the safest way possible.

While participating in the Unite weight loss and fitness camp, your days will be spent doing a variety of exercises ranging from boot camp style workouts, group fitness classes at the gym, and outdoor recreation in a small group dynamic.  You will challenge yourself with a fitness experience unlike any other.

  • Highly personalized program based on your current level of fitness and goals
  • Structured and pre-planned daily schedule consisting of approximately 5-7 hours of daily exercise
  • Indoor and outdoor workouts  Learn more

At Unite, we utilize the latest technology and scientific information associated with health, exercise science, education, and nutrition to help you achieve weight loss results as efficiently as possible.  While at Unite, you will be exercising in an award winning gym, using state-of-the-art training equipment.  Your trainers will be working with you individually and in a small group setting to maximize your calorie burn and help you learn the basics with gym equipment and weights.

#3 Real-Life Nutritional GuidanceWeight Loss Camp Food

In order for your live-in fitness program to be a success, you must pair it with proper nutrition.  Focusing on lean proteins, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and inflammation-lowering fats.  The Unite eating plan is all about nutrients, balance, and stabilizing your blood sugar.

Understanding your personal dietary needs and how to maintain a healthy diet for the long term are tools you will learn at Unite.

  • Enjoy farm fresh, chef-prepared meals and snacks
  • Daily educational “lunch and learn” classes
  • Inspiring guest speakers
  • Hands-on cooking classes
  • SMART dining out at local restaurants
  • At-home meal planning
  • Grocery store tours  Learn more

#4 Mindfulness & Rejuvenation Weight Loss Spa Massage

We combine innovative wellness strategies at Unite Fitness Retreat through practicing mindfulness.  We also believe that rejuvenating our bodies and dealing with stress is as important as eating healthy and exercising.  We offer relaxation and sports massages, spa rejuvenation, mindfulness training, and stress-management techniques. 

At Unite, want you to experience optimal wellness in all areas of your life.  This is your chance to take time to focus on you and make lasting life-style changes.

  • Daily yoga & stretching
  • Private weekly life-coaching
  • Body image & self-esteem classes
  • Mindfulness training
  • Emotional eating & addiction education Learn more

Outstanding Guest Results (Results Vary)

  • Before and After Weight loss retreat photo
    Lost 50 Pounds at Unite, 20 more at home


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