**Updated June 30th**

We want to ensure our guests that we are taking the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously.  The well-being of our guests, team members, and community is a top priority and Unite Fitness Retreat is committed to providing a safe environment.  We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and our local and state Health Departments.  We will continue to comply with instructions from these health organizations as they strategize how to manage what is unfolding.

Although Unite already has a very stringent infectious disease prevention protocol, we have employed additional measures to bolster safety efforts.  The following can be expected leading up to and during your Unite retreat:

  1. Limited Participation. We will limit our class size to no more than 20 guests.  This will allow us to minimize exposure as well as take advantage of additional space facilitating physical distancing measures.
  2. Additional Client Screening & protective masks. This will require:
    1. Clients entering the program will be encouraged to self-quarantine at home for 7 days prior to beginning our program.
    2. Clients utilizing airlines and or public transportation to travel to camp will be required to protect themselves with face coverings recommended by the CDC in order to minimize exposure prior to their arrival at camp.  Additionally, we are encouraging extra hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer while traveling.
    3. Clients temperatures will be taken prior to starting the program and daily once at camp.
    4. Staff temperatures will be taken prior to each shift.
    5. We ask that protective masks be worn when in the vans and if needed in common areas if social distancing is not possible for both clients and staff.
  3. Practicing Physical Distancing as much as possible.
    1. “Hands-off” training and modifying exercises.
    2. Additional facilities to accommodate more space for staff and clients.
    3. Utilization of the outdoors to minimize close contact.
    4. Minimize the use of vehicles and when required, adding additional vehicles so that each client has ample spacing.
    5. No physical contact via “high-fives”, hand shaking, or other physical contact.
  4. Additional Sanitization and Cleanliness are of the utmost importance and we have not only improved processes but have added additional cleaning regimes. The following are some additional items we have implemented:
    1. Additional disinfecting all vehicles, equipment, mats, and props throughout the day following classes.
    2. Disinfecting door handles and other highly touched surfaces more frequently.
    3. Providing additional hand sanitizer throughout the day.
    4. Towels for cleaning equipment and props are single use only.
    5. Ensuring cleaning products have superior antibacterial power.
    6. Reminding clients to wash hands before and after entering or departing our common areas (dining room, gym, etc.).
    7. Assigned and socially distanced seating at our dining table.
    8. Gloves and masks will be worn by all chefs.
    9. Clients will use their personal reusable water bottles (provided) and fill up their own water.

       5. Increased Team Awareness. Arming our staff with knowledge and empowering them to take extra precautions.

We are asking our guests and colleagues to take the same precautions as are often recommended during flu season.  If you are sick, have a fever, or presenting with any symptoms of the flu, we ask that you please consider rescheduling your visit. 

You can also help protect yourself with everyday preventive actions that include avoiding close contact with people who are sick; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.  We encourage you to wear a protective mask when visiting stores our when physical distancing is not possible.  

During these stressful times, our team of wellness professionals remind each of you to focus on your health and ensure you immerse yourself in immune-boosting habits — eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest and sleep, find ways to destress and unplug.