Coping During COVID-19

By Unite Fitness Retreat Dietician, Brooke Bouwhuis

Do you have a list, an agenda or a plan for each day?  For some, one way to feel accomplished and valued is marking things off that list.  What happens when nothing gets done on the “list” and you spent the day with your head bobbing mostly under water?

We bob mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Sometimes the sea is swelling and crashing while at other times it is calm and gorgeous. These days, both feelings can happen during the same 24-hour time frame.  And that is normal. Our new normal.

The concept of having a few things that are “non-negotiable” is something may help as we climb out of this COVID-19 mess.  These are tasks that aren’t given the latitude to slide regardless of circumstances.

These are NOT things like wearing the same pair of sweats five days in a row, having cereal for dinner, brownies for breakfast or debating on whether today is a day that warrants deodorant or not.

Non-negotiables ARE things like meditation, yoga, walking the dog, eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, being involved in a service project, gardening, calling friends and family to check in and more.  Non-negotiables are things that get us through our day regardless of the latest change, email or announcement.

Non-negotiables are specific only to you.  Write down a few in a journal or sticky note.

Choosing the most powerful things you can do in a day are completely based on what you need and how life’s activities can balance and build you.  The most powerful non-negotiables at our fingertips don’t cost us a penny.  They do require a smidgen of time, but that time spent doing a non-negotiable will be more powerful than a task you can cross it off your list.

By including non-negotiables in your routine each day, you will feel more centered and powerful to deal with the stress of the day.

Keep smiling, cry when you need to, help when you can, hide if helps you feel better and know we love you and miss you all dearly!