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Nick From Alberta

//Nick From Alberta

Nick From Alberta

Nick from Alberta joined Unite Fitness Retreat because he was looking to reset his overall health.  He admits he was having trouble getting started on his own and decided a full immersion program would be the best option.  Nick told us he searched for fitness and weight loss camps in Alberta but ultimately decided that getting away (far away) would be the most effective option for him.  He wanted to visit a new beautiful area with hiking and recreation so on a plane he hopped and flew to Salt Lake City to participate in a 2 week program.

Nick traveled from Alberta to Unite Fitness Retreat

Making time for exercise and eating right were not always a priority.  He felt himself getting more and more out of shape with the demands of work and life.  Taking time for himself to focus on his nutrition, fitness, and mental health were a necessity.  Nick was looking for the the ultimate life reset and he found it at Unite Fitness Retreat.

Nick shares in the below video how much he enjoyed the program and the variety of exercise.  His results were better than he expected.  He especially loved the staff, food, and structure of the program.  After completing his two week program, he stated he feels ready to go back to Alberta with the confidence, tools, and motivation to continue his healthy life-style for the long term.

Watch Nick’s Video Testimonial Below ↓

Maybe you can relate to Nick and you are seeking a change in your health and wellness.  If so, we’d love to learn more about you and see if Unite Fitness Retreat is the right fit for you.  If you too are from Alberta or anywhere in Canada, we do offer international discounts to help with travel costs.

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