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Jeff from Texas

Unite Fitness Retreat Success Stories

Jeff from Texas

Weight Loss Camp Success

Jeff Before and After Unite Fitness Camp

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Preiskorn from Texas.  He came to Unite Fitness Retreat for a two week kick-start to change unhealthy habits.  Jeff was looking for a fitness vacation or fitness camp away from Texas so he could focus on the task at hand, which for him was getting his fitness and health back on track.

Jeff says:

“There is no “good time” to do this, there will always be something holding you back, you just have to find a time and commit, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.”

What habits did Jeff want to change?  He wanted to get back into a solid workout routine, he also wanted to improve his diet.  Jeff felt like he met these goals during his two week stay at camp.

Check out Jeff’s video testimonial below:

What unhealthy habits do you want to ditch?

  • Not getting enough sleep?
  • Eating too much sugar?
  • Drinking too much wine in the evening?
  • Skipping breakfast and lunch and eating a huge, unhealthy dinner- followed by snacks all evening?
  • Too much fast-food?
  • Too little stress-management?
  • Too much soda?
  • Too little time for yourself?

Perhaps you see yourself in Jeff’s situation, just wanting a kick-start to get back on track.  If so, we’d love to talk more about how our fitness camp may be just what you’re looking for.

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