Unplug and Get Outside

//Unplug and Get Outside

Unplug and Get Outside

The Importance of Getting Outside Each Day

Why is our fitness camp located near the mountains?

Now more than ever, it’s important to unplug and reconnect with yourself.  One of the best ways to do this is to get outside for even a few minutes each day.  Take a walk on your lunch break, or a hike after work or school on the nearest trail you can find, a walk around your neighborhood or favorite park after dinner, or maybe a bike ride on the weekend.  One of the reasons we opted to house our fitness camp in Utah is because of the amazing recreation this state boasts.  The mountains are healing!  There are mountains surrounding Salt Lake City and the proximity to them is unbelievable.  During a stay at Unite Fitness Retreat, you can expect to explore nature as part of your program with daily hikes, each and every season.

Utah is an incredible state with much to offer in terms of hiking, but even if you don’t live near the mountains, you can still get outside and appreciate the sky, the clouds, nature, and the trees.  The mountains, plant life and water features help to lower your blood pressure, and stress hormones, and keeping your heart rate variability normal.  These are just some of the health benefits of spending time in nature that studies have found in recent years.  Most of us just “feel better” in nature and feel the natural healing taking place within us. Some doctors are using “Ecotherapy”- nature as medicine and prescribing time spent outdoors- specifically in nature.

When the World Seems Chaotic, Unplug

Part of the process of reconnecting with yourself is by “unplugging” during this time outside.  A walking meditation is therapeutic, especially when you notice your surroundings.  See the sky, feel the way your feet hit the earth, smell the fresh air.  In this moment, try and be totally aware of your being.  Try and let your thoughts go and just be.  Stay unplugged during this entire time, let your phone rest.  At our fitness camp in Utah, our hiking program serves more than just the purpose of burning calories (okay, that happens too!), but we take this time to reconnect with ourselves and totally unplug from stress, overthinking, and worry.  Studies show that unplugging and spending time in nature helps relax your mind and helps eliminate negative thinking.

You Need a Mix of Gym and Nature for the Best Fitness Camp Experience

While attending a fitness camp, we recognize the importance of gym time.  We need access to machines, weights, swimming pools, and equipment to shred our bodies of unwanted fat.  We need a big gym with space to move, jump, run, squat, you name it..But we NEED to get out of the gym as well.  That’s why our schedule is set up to be the perfect mix of gym time and outdoor time.  Maybe you can’t get away to a fitness camp but still want to reap the benefits a fitness camp might offer.  How about start your day in the gym like we do?  Try to get in workout before work?   Try a 30 minute cardio blast with a little strength training to finish.  Then after your healthy lunch, you could take a quick walk outside.  Finish your day as close to nature as possible.  What access to nature do you have in your neck of the woods?  Parks?  Mountains?  Ocean walk?  Whatever way you can get outside and as close to nature, do it.  Try it today, we promise you’ll feel better.





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