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A Note From our Dietician, Brooke

//A Note From our Dietician, Brooke

A Note From our Dietician, Brooke

Our Amazing Fitness Camp Guests

By Unite Fitness Retreat Nutritionist, Brooke Bouwhuis

We get to meet new amazing fitness camp guests each week because something big has happened.  On one hand it’s an opportunity to jumpstart a path of health with new knowledge, skills and physical challenges while for others it’s not only to move again with purpose but to find traction, meaning and to find direction with one’s path.

Some guests come simply to lean out, be challenged, get stronger and have a killer adventure.  They push, claw, laugh and enjoy each moment being fully engrossed in the process of the challenge.

Other’s arrive out of shape after years of working hard in the rat race now plagued with the beginnings of chronic illnesses and a scary medical future if things don’t change.  These guests are slamming the door to old habits and come looking to be redirected.

Even then, some come because they are tired of how they look and feel, physically and emotionally.  They know something needs to change but they don’t know what, where or how to make it happen.  Looking for a lift and a boost in the right direction; this bunch begins fitness camp feeling frustrated, unsettled and unsure but open to finding direction.

Each week the group dynamic is different and powerful.  The relationships created among the clients is real and palpable.  Getting to know completely new people is powerful, energizing and full of healing.  Often, friendship, advice, information and the bonds created among guests is therapeutic and rewarding.

Our program brings skilled energetic and patient trainers, a life coach and licensed therapist to help iron out that seemingly wonky path, the highest energy boxing class you have ever been involved in, and even nutrition classes that won’t put you to sleep.  We all have different skills to help pick you up, share your victories, hug you through your challenges and go absolutely nuts when you conquer new hard things.

The core of what you leave with will be hope.  Hope that you are in control of your life and your direction.  Hope that you will stand solidly on a path that will propel you to use your gifts to enhance the world around you.  Some need a bigger hug and a stronger push but when we work together with open minds and hearts we will achieve our greater purpose.

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