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How we are keeping you and our staff safe during this unique time. 

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**Updated June 30th**

We want to ensure our guests that we are taking the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously.  The well-being of our guests, team members, and community is a top priority and Unite Fitness Retreat is committed to providing a safe environment.  We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and our local and state Health Departments.  We will continue to comply with instructions from these health organizations as they strategize how to manage what is unfolding.

Although Unite already has a very stringent infectious disease prevention protocol, we have employed additional measures to bolster safety efforts.  The following can be expected leading up to and during your Unite retreat:

  1. Limited Participation. We will limit our class size to no more than 20 guests.  This will allow us to minimize exposure as well as take advantage of additional space facilitating physical distancing measures.
  2. Additional Client Screening & protective masks. This will require:
    1. Clients entering the program will be encouraged to self-quarantine at home for 7 days prior to beginning our program.
    2. Clients utilizing airlines and or public transportation to travel to camp will be required to protect themselves with face coverings recommended by the CDC in order to minimize exposure prior to their arrival at camp.  Additionally, we are encouraging extra hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer while traveling.
    3. Clients temperatures will be taken prior to starting the program and daily once at camp.
    4. Staff temperatures will be taken prior to each shift.
    5. We ask that protective masks be worn when in the vans and if needed in common areas if social distancing is not possible for both clients and staff.
  3. Practicing Physical Distancing as much as possible.
    1. “Hands-off” training and modifying exercises.
    2. Additional facilities to accommodate more space for staff and clients.
    3. Utilization of the outdoors to minimize close contact.
    4. Minimize the use of vehicles and when required, adding additional vehicles so that each client has ample spacing.
    5. No physical contact via “high-fives”, hand shaking, or other physical contact.
  4. Additional Sanitization and Cleanliness are of the utmost importance and we have not only improved processes but have added additional cleaning regimes. The following are some additional items we have implemented:
    1. Additional disinfecting all vehicles, equipment, mats, and props throughout the day following classes.
    2. Disinfecting door handles and other highly touched surfaces more frequently.
    3. Providing additional hand sanitizer throughout the day.
    4. Towels for cleaning equipment and props are single use only.
    5. Ensuring cleaning products have superior antibacterial power.
    6. Reminding clients to wash hands before and after entering or departing our common areas (dining room, gym, etc.).
    7. Assigned and socially distanced seating at our dining table.
    8. Gloves and masks will be worn by all chefs.
    9. Clients will use their personal reusable water bottles (provided) and fill up their own water.

       5. Increased Team Awareness. Arming our staff with knowledge and empowering them to take extra precautions.

We are asking our guests and colleagues to take the same precautions as are often recommended during flu season.  If you are sick, have a fever, or presenting with any symptoms of the flu, we ask that you please consider rescheduling your visit. 

You can also help protect yourself with everyday preventive actions that include avoiding close contact with people who are sick; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.  We encourage you to wear a protective mask when visiting stores our when physical distancing is not possible.  

During these stressful times, our team of wellness professionals remind each of you to focus on your health and ensure you immerse yourself in immune-boosting habits — eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest and sleep, find ways to destress and unplug.

Transform your health, body + mind.

Unite Fitness Retreat
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Suzanne Hoefler
Suzanne Hoefler
23:42 11 Feb 21
Unite has changed my mindset and body. I am truly grateful for the support of all the trainers. Everyone has a unique... journey and even though I struggled at times it is because of the unite staff I am living a stronger and healthier life. Everyone genuinely cared about my success at unite.read more
Shannan Billingsley
Shannan Billingsley
21:04 10 Feb 21
Unite Fitness Retreat - FAR exceeded my expectations. The staff is awesome, every single one of them. They are there to... help teach, educate and train you without any judgement. Trainers are available and willing to help with any questions, thoughts or ideas. There work out are fantastic, along with the nutrition and cooking classes. I was only there a week (lost inches and weight, that was a plus) and have been home a month now. I am still on track, I brought everything I learned there home and have implemented it into my everyday life, with ease. I've had my weekly calls with the a training after coming home, along with a 30 day challenge and recipes to follow along with . I HIGHLY recommend Unite Fitness Retreat. The friends you meet and stay in contact with is just the bonus!read more
Sue Mullen
Sue Mullen
19:24 17 Dec 20
After researching many places to make my lifestyle change, I hopped on a plane, left the East Coast and landed in Utah,... at Unite Fitness Retreat. After battles and battles with weight issues and trying every FAD diet out there, Unite CHANGED my life, not just my waistline.(that was an added bonus).Or as one of the trainers told me, "I changed my life, with the help of them." (Laird your the best)The trainers at Unite, help with cardio, strength training, and nutrition, but for me, all of those things helped with my "mental" state of mind and also helped me to realize some of the reasons, that may have contributed to me seeking a retreat to begin with.I have always exercised and actually enjoy it, but, I also followed EVERY FAD DIET and NEVER did strength training!! Who would have thought, you could do hours and hours of cardio, but without strength training and you would never see results you wanted. ( I also learned and realized that from the amazing trainers).When I arrived at Unite, I knew I made the very best choice. The staff at Unite provided me with all the "tools" I needed to make, my new LIFESTYLE! Whether it is nutrition changes, weight changes, lifestyle changes, you are seeking, Unite can help you with your journey, because they WANT too! The staff is amazing and are there for YOU, not just the crisp bills you pay to be there, like some places!They will not tell you what to do or when to do it, what they WILL do is provide a schedule (a very busy, very detailed, great one), and help guide you, in the best way possible for you!! At Unite Fitness it is about YOU, and what you make of it, you just have some GREAT people helping you along the way!read more
Daniece Crump
Daniece Crump
20:46 04 Dec 20
Great information & education combined with a variety of amazing workouts then add in fun, knowledgeable & motivating... staff & trainers and you’ve got the recipe for success on site & once you return home.😊read more
Cori Rice
Cori Rice
18:31 02 Dec 20
LOVE LOVE LOVE this retreat!!! Great Staff who plan workouts to tailor everyone's needs and wants. They work with you... individually in order to help you with your individual goals as well as become friends with you and help you to better improve your self-image and your outlook on life. I went for 4 weeks in the month of August and it was LIFE CHANGING! I loved the hikes that we went on as well as the boot camp workouts that we did. It is a great step towards changing your life forever.read more
Rejane Mirtes
Rejane Mirtes
17:06 29 Nov 20
I believe the main goal of most people who decide to invest in one of the Unite Fitness Retreat programs is to lose... weight, and that was not different with me. But why did I choose Unite among so many other options available out there? Because I couldn't find a better option where I could take care of both my body and mind. So I travelled all the way from California to Utah and I couldn't be happier with the choice I made. I was there for 3 weeks and when I came back home after following all the activities available in the program I was not only in a better shape than before, but I became a more confident person. The whole experience was really life changing for me. After I overcame some of my own fitness and mind obstacles I really feel like I can conquer the world. And for that I thank all the amazing instructors at Unite for being so talented, supporting and motivating. I would like to thank the amazing chefs that kindly prepared all of our delicious meals. I would like to thank Brooke for sharing her knowledge with us and so much precious information about food. And I would like to thank the other program's participants for being such an inspiration for me.read more
Michelle Zwaagstra
Michelle Zwaagstra
16:29 29 Nov 20
I attended Unite Health & Fitness for four weeks in Aug 2020. It was truly one of the best things I could have done... for myself and my health. I learned about food (good and not so good for me) exercise (a variety of different styles) awake-rest-sleep and that taking time for myself throughout a day is what we are supposed to do for our bodies, mind and spirit.This program is tough, challenging, strenuous (at times), exhausting, scary, REWARDING, GRADIFYING, PRIDFUL, CLARIFYING AND SO MUCH MORE.If your thinking about a fitness & health program, look into this one. I wasn't disappointed and recommend this program.read more
22:42 25 Nov 20
I spent three weeks at Unite and I lost weight and body fat. I developed a different relationship with food through... Unite's structured snacks and meals. I am no longer overwhelmed at the grocery store because I know what to buy and what to eat. In addition, working out and incorporating it into my schedule is easier since I left Unite due to everything that I learned. I recommend the camp if you are looking for a solid weight loss education and if you want to transform your life. The trainers are really good and your fitness level does not matter. You will never feel left out.read more
Maria Smith
Maria Smith
20:54 20 Aug 20
The steroids I received during (successful) cancer treatment came with a bad side effect: I steadily gained weight for... over three years. After trying several times to lose the excess 30 pounds, I had just about given up. Then I went to Unite. I went for one week, and while the difference in my weight was small after that week, the difference in my attitude was huge. I realized it wasn't going to be easy, but that I could do it. In short, it was life-changing. It taught me to be truly mindful about what I put into my body.. The teaching/lunch sessions by Brooke (the nutritionist) was so informative and encouraging, and her grocery store tour is a must, even for someone like me who doesn't cook. The other great thing I gained from my week at Unite was a willingness to try new things--something I've continued since coming home.The weight is coming off slowly, but it's coming off. I intend to go back for at least another week in the fall, COVID-19 permitting. Thanks to all.read more
Tricia Perez
Tricia Perez
23:51 11 Aug 20
I’m so happy Unite came up in my google search for a getaway fitness program. The program is complete and they truly... tailor to all ages and fitness levels. I had great results for the week I was there as I needed a reset and to learn a few things. I thought the food was great, the lunch and learns were informative, training sessions pushed my fitness to the next level, and the afternoon hikes and mobility sessions topped off each day. Highly recommend you make the investment in yourself. Look forward to going again and hope to bring along some friends my next visit.read more
03:04 29 Jan 20
Unite Fitness Retreat is absolutely amazing! The concept, the coaches, the facilities and the meals are zenith. The... coaches sincerely care about your success and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They encourage and motivate you while they understand and help you do only what you physically can do. Although you work out with others, it is truly an individual success plan. The entire staff will work with you and in my case, they accommodated everything that I needed! If you want to jump start a lifestyle change and lose weight, gain motivation and a healthy lifestyle all at the same time, Unite is the place. The entire package was important to me, but I really appreciated the living accommodations at the end of the day. They are top natch! Thank you ALL at Unite Fitness Retreat! You have changed my life. See you next year for a reboot :)read more
Paul Entis
Paul Entis
15:39 21 Jan 20
I have only great things to say about Unite. The program provided exactly the re-set i needed to get on a healthy... track. The Retreat blended intense physical activity, well-prepared food and useful nutrition counseling, all led by a cadre of superb trainers. My five weeks there were instrumental in setting me up for the success I continue to experience back home.read more
Sonia P.
Sonia P.
09:49 17 Jan 20
I had an amazing experience. The location was perfect (the hotel and the gym) and everybody was helpful and... professional. They make you take care of yourself (even when you are not used to or are too lazy to do so) which is a very important lesson to learnread more
Denise Acosta
Denise Acosta
20:36 16 Jan 20
My experience at Unite Fitness was amazing! I exceeded all the goals that I had set for myself. My biggest... accomplishment was to get on track with my diet and losing weight. I no longer follow any fad diets because the program at Unite Fitness has taught me to eat clean and healthy foods everyday. It is the best thing I've ever done, I can't wait to go back and do it all over again!read more
Gordon Gartrell
Gordon Gartrell
18:47 23 Oct 19
I spent two weeks here and it was great. I did lose weight, but mostly I got a lot of healthy new habits, and I... stopped drinking soft drinks and detoxed off of sugar. All costs are included in the up-front fees, including every meal. Stick to this healthy diet, don't cheat, enjoy the exercise classes and hiking, and you will feel fantastic! I really liked the trainers and the other attendees. Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains are beautiful.read more
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