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New Nutrition Guidelines-Canada

//New Nutrition Guidelines-Canada

New Nutrition Guidelines-Canada

Oh Canada!

By Unite Fitness Retreat Dietician, Brooke Bouwhuis

We LOVE our Canadian clients!  They are so much fun, don’t wince if the weather turns sour and generously share their tricks about keeping warm.  For instance, this past fall, Colleen from Alberta, taught me about Birkenstock wool clogs.  Birkenstock’s are cool again and wool makes them functionally genius, especially in Canada.

Seriously though, the most incredible event has just taken place in Canada.  It has nothing to do with hockey, maple syrup or winter sports. It has everything to do with nutrition.

The Canadian government released new food guidelines to help improve the health of its people.  Whoop dee doo you might say. Why is that nifty and should you bother reading further?

NONE of their new recommendations were backed by industry.

Recommendations without a voice from food companies, commodity groups and lobbying boards.  I want to be Canadian!!! Guidelines based on nutrition science and not the bias of prevailing industry. Canada, you lead by example. Game changer!

What does a plate look like when it isn’t backed by industry?

GONE are recommendations regarding specific consumption of dairy and canola oil (guess where most of the canola oil is produced in the world). You can still consume dairy if you choose but it’s not a 3 a day type of thing anymore.

What does this new food guide recommend?

  • Half your plate filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat protein – with an emphasis on plant-based protein, like beans, lentils, tofu and nuts – With a portion of about a quarter of your plate
  • Choose whole grain foods– Think a quarter or your plate.
  • Make water your drink of choice.

The Canadian government is recommending their people cut back on sugar, especially in the form of juice and soda.  They even suggest cutting back on alcohol due to the link to liver disease and some types of cancer.

Cut back on sugar?!?  I want to be Canadian!

Canadian’s are encouraged to enjoy meals with each other, be mindful of eating habits and cook more often,oh yes, and enjoy their food.  Keep in mind, these are recommendations by the government, based on nutritional science with the goal to have a healthier population.

These changes are amazing.  These are things we talk about every single week at Unite – not because the government recommended them but because these are nutritional changes that will profoundly improve your health backed by nutritional science.

Mindfulness, building relationships with friends and family, eating more at home PLUS food recommendations VERY similar to what you see at Unite.

Oh Canada! We honor the strength and commitment it took to make such a bold step. We will learn from you and become better because we know you.  Outstanding!


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