Dining out does not mean you have to sabotage all the hard work you’ve done to stay on track with your health and wellness.  Sometimes, we just don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal, sometimes eating out a few times a week is the only option we have, especially for those who travel for work.  One thing we talk about at camp is how to make SMART choices when dining out, we even take our fitness camp guests out to dinner to really learn the ropes.

Here are 5 of our favorite tips to keep it healthy while dining out:


  1. Be picky.  Ask for things YOUR way.  For instance, if an item is fried, as for it grilled.  Substitute french fries for a veggie.  Ask for extra veggies and a smaller meat portion.  Don’t be afraid to be a little picky, most the time the restaurant will be willing to adjust small changes to your dish at no extra charge.
  2. Box it up please.  Before you even get your meal, ask your server to box up half the meal (you can eat it for lunch the next day).  Most restaurant portions are 2 or even 3 times the portion size you need for a meal.
  3. Order a salad first.  A side salad is a great way to fill you up a bit before your entree.  But be careful!  Ask for vinegar and oil instead of a creamy salad dressing and hold the croutons.  Also, if they bring you bread, politely ask your server to take it away, it’s hard to resist the temptation of warm rolls and butter when they are inches from your nose.
  4. Avoid these words.  Creamy, buttery, fried, stuffed, sauced, crisp, cheese, scalloped, parmesan, all equal VERY HIGH FAT & CALORIES.
  5. Be mindful and Enjoy.  Of course we had to throw this one in…Enjoy your time out, eat slowly and mindfully.  Take your time and savor your food.  Dining out can be healthy.  Just remember these easy pointers.

Bon Appétit!