Holiday Weight Gain

//Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain

5 Unique Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s here…The happiest time of the year.  For some of us, it’s the fattiest time of the year.  It’s the time for letting ourselves overindulge, because after all, the New Year is just around the corner, when we start to take our health seriously and make those resolutions that we make every year.  Why not take the rest of December and give yourself a kick-start on your resolutions?  Instead of gaining two or three pounds from now until the ball drops, let’s choose to avoid gaining weight by following these 5 very EASY and unique tips:

  1. Become a Regifter.  Yes, I said it.  This time of year, we are gifted sweet treats constantly.  Instead of putting them on the counter and nibbling each time you pass by, regift!  Give them to a lonely neighbor or someone less fortunate.  Give them to your spouse to take to work and leave in the break room, just get them out of the house!
  2. Volunteer.  Get out there and do something for someone else.  This time of year, there are so many opportunities to give either time or resources for others.  Giving makes your heart happy, it helps you connect with the meaning of the Holiday.  Ideas?  Collect blankets for the homeless, serve a meal at a shelter, make hygiene bags for homeless shelters, donate food, collect toys for tots, shovel a neighbors walk, visit with a senior who lives alone, and so much more!
  3. Stop online shopping.  Go out there and shop.  Walk around the mall a few times, shop local, wander the stores and find the perfect gift (out and about).  This will burn calories and it’s more fun than shopping on the couch in your pajamas…Eating cookies (that you should have gotten out of the house!)
  4. Eat a healthy snack before you party.  Before you go to your holiday parties, eat a big salad or sliced veggies before leaving and drink at least two glasses of water.  This will fill you up so you don’t pig out when you get to the bash. When you do eat at the party, eat enough so that you feel full, taking only your favorite items, mindfully and slowly enjoy your food, then put your plate down and walk away from the buffet.  Also, remember alcohol calories too, drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks and keep it classy and only have a couple cocktails.
  5. Make a 2017 vision board.  Our personal favorite…Make an inspiring vision board at home with clippings from magazines and the internet. What is 2017 going to look like for you?  Think of your health, your family, your job, your relationships, your travels, your dreams.  Once you are done, hang it somewhere that you’ll see it every day.

What are your tips that help you avoid holiday weight gain?  If you need a boost of motivation this season, let us help you get started at Unite Fitness Retreat!

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